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I have been looking for a replacement for my red and white striped shirt for quite a while now. I bought it on a whim at Zumiez (I know, I know) my sophomore year of college, and it immediately became my most worn item of clothing to date. Poor shirt has been washed and hung and washed and hung, the white is a little dingy after so much wear, and the fit is...not what it once was.

Because of my immense love for this shirt and its MVP status in my closet, the replacement has to be seriously perfect. This is why I haven't just bought up any old striped shirt. I tweeted the other night that I would pay a stupid amount of money for the perfect red Breton striped tee hoping someone would lend a hand, but no one else seemed to know either.

I was at Forever 21 last week frantically trying to find something to wear for my head shots at the last minute, and on my way into the dressing room I spotted #2 on the rack and had to grab it. I didn't find anything for head shots, but I did walk out with this delightful tee. It's soft as all heck and I love the way it fits, but I'm not sure if it's the replacement. One of the things I love so much about mine is that it translates between casual and something a little nicer. The Forever 21 top is purely, perfectly casual. It has a place in my closet, but it might not be the place.

My main contender at this point is the Boden top. From online, it looks perfect, but there are some reviews that say it wrinkles badly, I would want to get the sleeves altered to 3/4 length, and Boden makes you pay to return stuff. Does anyone have experience with Boden or this tee? I'm worried about sizing and about the wrinkling.

So that's where I stand. Help me choose!


  1. You seriously can't go wrong with a top like this... classic.

  2. I would 100% recommend Boden tops. While I only have one, it was definitely worth the investment.

  3. I don't have experience with Boden but that was/is my favorite of the ones Here. My red/white strip tee is from Urban and I feel the same way about mine...including the loved to pieces part


    I have a lotlotlot of stuff from Boden because I've found that combination of quality and design is exactly right for me. I have only one Breton top from there, though, because the one I own of theirs is too big for (I've found that I need to size down in Boden tops thanks to that purchase). I still use the top as a barn shirt, or around the house, but it's too shapeless to wear at work. I've found that my Breton doesn't wrinkle a whole great lot, just a bit out of the wash. The fabric may have changed since I bought mine a couple years ago, though.

    Boden does run promotions for free shipping/returns sometimes, so keep an eye peeled for that. If you decide you want the top, let me know and I'll keep you posted on that kind of stuff--I get the emails ;)

  5. I really like option #1! I've been on such a stripes kick all fall/winter, so I will say that you probably couldn't go wrong.
    Also, new to your blog and really enjoy it!

  6. #3 was definitely the one that stuck out the most to me! This is something that's definitely on my fashion list as well. All of my favorite stripey shirts have worn out or been grown out of!


  7. my vote is for #3 or #5!

    ps #1 and #5 are linked to the same item, you might wanna check that out!

  8. I really like #4. I've never considered a red breton top -- I have two navy and two black / dark grey ones. I wear them fairly frequently, so I feel like I needed a few spares -- basically, I sympathize with your search.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


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