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I'm usually pretty great about resisting trends, but following blogs like Zipped have convinced me that I need this one in my life: the slip-on sneaker. I'm not a frequent sneaker wearer, but I tend to have a pair that I grab for extra-casual days where I know I'll be doing a lot of walking. In high school, it was a pair of purple Converse. In early college it was my Keds, and in late college, my thrifted red TOMs. I do have a pair of red Converse hi-tops, but they have proven to be less versatile than I'd like. To fill this gap, I'm lusting after slip-on sneaks in pretty, neutral shades like grey, pewter, and rose gold. These six are at the top of my list.
one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

Being that I was loyal to Keds as a kid, and then again in college, I'm leaning towards this pair. I love the idea of a metallic like the Vans, Steve Madden, and Gap pairs, but I'm also digging subtle texture like in the Splendid, BP, and J.Crew Factory finds.

Halp! Which shoe is going to take me through the end of winter and into spring?


  1. I haven't had slip ons in a long time, but I'm totally down with the trend! My only suggestion is to DEFINITELY try on and walk around in said shoes before wearing then outside. In high school I bought a pair of simple vans similar to ones you have here and they ended up being soooo heavy that my shins would hurt halfway through the day. It took me a long time to realize where the pain was coming from, but it was totally the shoe weight! that thick sole and the way I walked just didn't go together I guess. They're the only shoe I've ever had problems with like this so I always think of it whenever I see them. Let us know if you find a pair you really like!

  2. how odd! i definitely have picked up a few in stores that were even heavy to hold. i don't want something with a super thick sole anyway, which is why i'm leaning towards one like 1, 6, or 7. i like the look of the Keds one on top, but worry it'll be too heavy like you said.

  3. I've been seeing this style so much in the past few months! Right now I have my eye on some black and white ones by Vince, but since I am a bigfoot I'm hesitating. I love all these light coloured ones you've picked out though!

  4. Number 4 though. And 7. I feel like a metallic pair would be a really fun choice for you, especially since you go minimal on jewelry. And the warmer tone metallics would go with the hardware on your jackets and such. For me at least, grey shoes always seem like they would go with everything, and then they just...don't. I can be really picky about how shoes go with an outfit though. I've kind of been wanting some more casual & cute shoes to wear around for errands and dogwalking and such too, though right now it's not a priority in my super tight budget since I have sneakers that I can wear for those situations. After you and Dago talked about it, I'm eying all of those thick white soles. I don't think I ever realized it was on all the shoes before!


  5. all the points you made are so funny: 1. girl after my own heart, knowing i have to match my metallics to my hardware <3 2. i'm so picky about how shoes go with things, and that is my main worry with the grey pairs! i worry they'll be too light and i won't feel right wearing them with jeans. it looks good in my head, so we'll see. 3. i am also picky about the thick white soles, which made me excited about finding some that were less so!

    shoe 7 is the one i'm leaning towards the most, but i'm worried the shoe might actually be a little...pointy? in the preview it appears to be more almond-shaped than round, which i'm worried will look weird, but i want to try them on in person for sure!

  6. Stooooppppp! I have been trying to be really good about not buying anything but these metallic shoes are speaking to me!

  7. Ooh! Would you believe I broke out my old, Freshman year of high school covered in paint black Vans to wear yesterday? That got me thinking seriously about Vans. I have about 4 pairs, used to love them, but just don't wear them as much! I was totally lusting after #4 on their website! I actually love #7 because they look as dainty as flats, but with the comfort of a tennis shoe. These are all super cute though, such a glam way to wear a sneaker!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  8. Olivia of A Shot of SeattleFebruary 5, 2015 at 5:08 PM

    Definitely loving how versatile all the metallics are! great picks.


  9. they would go with everything you own! (bad influence)

  10. I really love #4! That rose gold metallic is so pretty!

  11. i like the look of alllll of them! I feel like you'll know really quickly if you wear them around the house for a bit first. It seems like any of them would fit your needs so you can't really go wrong!

  12. Oh my gosh, the pewter pair from Gap is awesome! I used to LOVE slip-ons like these and had the cutest pair that had multicolored girl skulls all over them, haha. I'd love to add another pair of sneakers to my wardrobe this spring...I have some rewards to use at Old Navy, so I may wind up seeing what they have available!


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