CAMP checklist

It may not feel like it, but March is upon us and that means it's almost time for CAMP! Because this conference is about getting back to basics and focusing on creativity, I'm not letting myself get too wrapped up in buying a bunch of fancy new blogger things to wear. Since there's a strict no heels policy anyway, I think most of the other campers are also embracing the conference as an opportunity to connect without all the fluff and facades.

Even though I'm not putting together tulle-clad outfit changes, there are a few things I need to be prepared (scout motto!) for my weekend at CAMP.

1. business cards - I haven't purchased new business cards since 2012, so it was time for a redesign. I loved my last batch of MOO cards (and I'm very loyal to a brand that treats me well!), so I gave my old cards a little update and I'm ready to give them out to everyone I meet!


2. fanny pack - So you've ordered 100+ business cards, you're going to need a place to put them! I'm not going to want to carry around my purse the whole weekend (and this is definitely no place for a clutch!), but I will definitely need to carry things around as the Volunteer Coordinator. This pink Herschel "hip bag" is dreamy and useful. I'm excited to use it for runs this summer after CAMP!


3. something khaki - It's absurd how excited I am for the Khaki Jamboree on Saturday night of CAMP. I'm still planning my outfit, but I know that I'm at least going to wear my favorite utility jacket (last seen here) throughout the weekend to stay in the khaki spirit. This H&M utility jacket is a great pick for those of you who need something khaki and cute that you can wear again after the conference!

4. flat shoes - Since flat shoes are on the official packing list, I'm using this as an excuse to finally buy a pair of slip-ons. I know I posted a bunch of cute grey and gold pairs a few weeks back, but then this baby pink pair showed up and LOFT and, well, I need them. Plus, how cute are they going to look with my fanny pack, right?

What's on your CAMP checklist? I loved seeing what Den Mother Chelsea is packing for the weekend. Can't wait to see you there!


  1. I'm so excited for CAMP! It's going to be so fun to finally meet people who enjoy what I enjoy! After reading this post, I'm all re-inspired to shop/pack! But I forgot about business cards so I'd better get on that ASAP Rocky... Thanks Nicole!

  2. Great suggestions!! Im looking forward to the whole weekend! I desperately need more business cards... I need to get on that! I haven't updated since last years TXSC! Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. I love your new business cards! So cute. Have fun at CAMP!

  4. Your business cards are adorable! Can't wait to meet you at TxSC. :) How many business cards are you bringing? I've never done something like this before!

    xo Kimi

  5. i'm so excited to meet you you too! love that there are out-of-towners coming down to Austin for camp!

    i ended up ordering 150 (the prices went up since i last ordered!). i think i saw a tweet or something that said 100 will be plenty, but if you're going to give one out to literally every person, get 150-200. i still have a ton from the last time i ordered, so some people might just get the old design if i run out!

    seriously, though, i can't recommend MOO enough for business cards!

  6. ASAP Rocky def approves of you getting business cards. so pumped to finally meet you!!

  7. Awesome, thank you so much! I was also planning on 150. :) I am also using MOO; I need to nail down my design tonight so I can order them! I'm probably stressing out about it more than I need to, haha.

  8. Yes to everything! I love your updated business cards! Fun and professional! I have an olive jacket that I wear so much! You're going to get so much use of it!

  9. AWH! I LOVED your CAMP checklist so much! And thank you SO much for the very sweet shout out, lady! See you SO soon! xo


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