the elements of flattery

LOFT peplum and sneakers
LOFT peplum and Gap utility jacket
ruffle peplum tank
pink and blue outift
olive green and blue
jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // top: LOFT // jeans: Forever 21 // shoes: LOFT

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Prepare to see a lot of these sneaks because, well, I'm in love.

You see, a few weeks ago Katrina 'grammed a cute pic of her wearing a sleek pink trench coat. I commented that I love the sweet alternative to traditional tan, but that I couldn't pull off that shade myself. Over the years, I've had to accept the fact that I just can't wear pink -- near my face, that is. Whether it's bright hot pink or a more demure shade of light pink, it makes me look sickly and washed out. When I was leaving the comment on Katrina's photo, I realized that even though I can't wear pink near my face, I can definitely wear it on my feet!

And that's where the hunt began. I had previously been lusting after grey and gold pairs of slip-ons, but these newly-imagined light pink sneakers just wouldn't leave my mind. I scoured the Internet for a couple of weeks until finally LOFT introduced their new collection for spring and BAM there they were. They are the loveliest color; light enough to be an almost-neutral, pairing equally well with feminine mini skirts as they do cute sporty looks.

Seeing as I was strategically wearing pink on my bottom half, I wanted to create an ├╝ber-flattering look to show how to use colors to your best interest. I may not be able to wear pink near my face, but blue is a universally flattering color that anyone can (and should!) wear. I picked up this gorgeous blue top at LOFT over the weekend. I loved the mixed fabrics of the shirt for a couple of reasons. The cotton top part is casual and cool, making it a great transition piece for spring into summer. The ruffle peplum starts in the ideal spot on my torso to hide my "problem area" in my lower tummy. The loose, flowy fit is feminine without looking frumpy because of the smart tiers. If you're looking for a dressed-up yet easy tank for the season, I recommend this one!

I threw on my utility jacket for a little contrast to the soft peplum and visual interest. The olive shade is in the same tone as the blue and complements the pink, making it an excellent "completer" piece to pull the outfit together.

What colors do you gravitate towards for a flattering look?


  1. I gravitate toward grey... I'm so lame, lol!

  2. Definitely a big fan of these slip ons (ugh, missed the sale over the weekend, so I'm holding out on buying them) and love how you styled them with the ruffle top. I actually have no idea how I would style them personally, but knowing that we could be shoe twins is exciting!

  3. that blue looks so good on you! I'm definitely a fan of jewel tones when it comes to flattering colors - they seem to work well with the dark hair/fair skin combo.

  4. I love this outfit so much! This is definitely an outfit I could see myself wearing, even though I'm not really a sneaker kind of girl. I'm lucky enough to have a skin tone that does well with most colors. Black is a go-to for me (stereotype, for sure). It's flattering, you can dress it up or down, and you have lots of options for accessorizing.

  5. Love those sneakers! I actually love black even though it doesn't look super great in pictures. I went through a phase where I bought a bunch of black dresses. I still love 'em!

  6. This background: SO cool. Those slip-ons are adorable! I'm just so relieved you found a way to wear pink (#bloggerproz) because it's making a comeback yet again. Those are perfect because they're pretty and girly, but still comfy sneakers!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. These pictures are fantastic! Love the "florist" sign! Those shoes are so cute! That shade of pink is cute on you!!

  8. I'm pretty sure blush can be worn as a neutral, therefore I see you getting lots and lots of wear out of these sneaks! I just picked up a pair of floral slip on sneakers from Old Navy. This shirt though... I'm kinda in love with it. Please do wear it all the time?

  9. I am absolutely smitten with this whole outfit, Nicole! I have been wanting to add more flowy tops like this to my closet, as I'm really struggling with my stomach being a "problem area" right now. However, I love my legs and wearing skinny/slim fit pants always makes me feel so much better about myself. Pairing skinny pants with a flowy top might just have to be my new "thing," and the top you are wearing here is exactly the kind of top I've been looking for! I love the addition of the jacket to add another fun element to the outfit, and those SNEAKERS! Omg. I LOVE them.


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