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wearing | Black on black on black. I don't know what is drawing me to black in springtime, but I'm diggin' it.

reading | A Tale of Two Besties. I finished Lena's book last Thursday (review incoming tomorrow!) and promptly started Sophia's book so I can have it done for her official Austin book tour date on May 12 at Book People. Hey Austin babes -- come with me to this!!

watching | Daredevil. I missed a few episodes while I went to brunch and Dago kept watching, but lordy is it a great show! Get thee to Netflix!

enjoying | Spring evenings. I'm a lover of those summer nights, butt spring evenings are so exciting because the time has just changed and it's just starting to get dark later and later. Plus, it's warm! And all I want to do is hang out outside.

avoiding | Pollen. As much as I want to be outside all.the.time right now, I also don't want to be outside at all because of the crazy amounts of pollen polluting Austin! Dago has been sick for a week with terrible allergies and it's feeling like my turn as I seem to be itchier and snifflier than usual.

using | Stitcher to find and follow new podcasts! When you make your account, be sure to follow Breakfast for Dinner!

trying | Physical therapy! This is my official first step in finding some relief from my vertigo. As this blog post is going live, I'm undergoing some tests and learning some eye and ear exercises with my very first physical therapist. Wish me luck!

planning | My 26 before 26 list! Any recommendations?

drinking | Peanut butter milkshakes from P.Terry's. Every year I try to petition to get them to make it a #forevermilkshake like they have Caramel and Root Beer (both highly inferior), but I haven't had any success. Alas, I'll just have to order as many as I can before the next flavor shows up!

buying | Smock dresses and blouses & high-waisted bottoms. Expect to see a lot of them this season!

waiting | for Orphan Black to start next weekend! Is anyone else into the #cloneclub?

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Can I steal this post format? I love it!

    The Adored Life

  2. I think you should add a visit to Florida to your 26 before 26!
    oh and YESSSS to Orphan Black! Enjoy physical therapy today :-)

  3. Love this post style! I would love to try something similar! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I just finished Tale of Two Besties! It was really good, but I am a big YA fiction fan.

  5. I love Orphan Black! I can't wait for it to start again.

  6. I hope PT helps your vertigo! And if not, maybe you can just live as glamorously as Vertigo makes life seem. ;) (the movie... )

    Lately I have been buying floral skirts and lots of color, eating a mass amount of salad (pregnancy. I hate salad usually), listening to... my child talk... and planning this weekend's 27th birthday trip with my sister-in-law and my brother's fiancee, who both turned 27 last month. It's our collective "we all turn 27!" birthday bash, and my sister-in-law's and my golden birthday, since we were born on the 27th (her in March, me this month.) I'm so excited for the trip!
    Happy Monday!

  7. I watched all of Kimmy Schmidt and moved right on to Daredevil. Both so good! And I cannot freaking wait for Orphan Black to come back. Double the intrigue this season, it seems, based on where we left off. Can. Not. Wait. Peanut butter milkshakes are so good, they absolutely should be there forever. I used to get them at Alamo Drafthouse until they stopped serving them. Outrage. I've heard the pollen is so bad in that area. Not looking forward to that aspect of coming back. So excited to see how physical therapy goes for you!

  8. I'm hoping the PT works for you - report back so we know how you're feeling! xoxo


  9. I feel like most of my random goals at this point involve getting out of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking, so it's like: make a sauce, make a pie crust from scratch, etc. Travel is always a good option. Reorganizing things? Learning a new skill? I love making lists, it's my favorite.


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