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Last week I shared something I needed, but this week I'm just talking about something I really, really want. It's very Mean Girls, but I feel like I always see cool girls wearing these easy blue oxford shirts, so I want an easy blue oxford shirt so I can be cool too. I'd wear it with black twill shorts and espadrilles and flip my hair when I laugh during brunch with my girlfriends......

Okay, cool girl fantasy over. I'm leaning towards one of the Gap shirts (one and two), but how cute is the sleeveless H&M shirt? I want it. I want it now!


  1. I'd probably wear 1, 3, or 6 the most. I think I wear my chambray enough to justify the fact that I'd wear this, right?

  2. So there are Oxford shirts, Oxford shoes...I wonder what other kind of Oxford clothing there is...

    PS - DEF get #3 and flip that hair.

  3. Uh, yup, I think you definitely need one of these. ;) They're so classic! I can't decide if I like 2 or 3 more.

    xo Kimi

  4. definitely! i'm thinking that this shirt helps me not wear my chambray so many times in one week. variety!

  5. i would be so interested in how all those pieces got their names! items that Oxford students wore? part of the Oxford uniform?

  6. I think your fantasy is spot-on, this is such a cool girl going out to brunch piece. Getcha one!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. ahh I need to get my hands on a blue oxford for myself! They're so effortlessly chic, right? 3 would be awesome for wearing under sweaters and cardis, but 2 would look awesome as is!

  8. Once upon a time I found a perfect fitting light blue oxford shirt at a thrift shop and didn't buy it because I don't really wear monochrome outfits and I was wearing blue jeans a lot back then and I just didn't think I'd wear it enough. Le sigh. I don't know why I mourn this, as my size has changed many times in the years since then and it definitely would not fit now, but sometimes you just have to look back at some of your life choices and shake your head.

    Drama queen moment over. The sleeveless one jumped out at me! It would be such a fun summer look plus be super easy to throw jackets over in cooler weather. No bunchy sleeves when layering!

  9. YES! I am so with you on a light blue oxford! I've had one on my wishlist for about two years now, but haven't found one I like enough to buy (which is weird, because you'd think they'd be easy to find...or that I wouldn't be so picky, but whatever!). I love the first one you are showing here - it looks relaxed but still structured enough that it wouldn't be too wrinkly.


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