peplums and poppies

jacket: Gap Factory (similar) // top: LOFT // purse: Old Navy // shoes: Steve Madden (similar) // necklace: Apricot Lane Boutique (similar)

Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

This outfit should look familiar you to because I have worn it before. Well, almost. You see, if there's one thing I learned from my mama, it's that when you find a piece of clothing you love, you should buy it in every color. I wrote about how much I loved this top a few weeks ago, and then saw that LOFT included it in their 70%-off-sale sale. So I bought it in black too. Now I have two shirts I love, and I got one of the for $13!

In other exciting news, POPPIES!! If you couldn't tell from these photos, I was so excited when Chelsea and I stumbled upon these because poppies are my all-time favorite flower and I so rarely see them! These were just so bright and they ended up matching my new bag perfectly, so we obvi had to pull over. Did I mention that this is someone's front yard? Bloggers will do anything for their outfit posts!

What's your favorite flower? I always love finding out people's answers!


  1. you are so dang cute. i love these pictures!

    I don't have a favorite that weird?

  2. I'm a double buyer, too! Also I reallyyyyyy need to get to loft !

  3. Such lovely pictures, and such a lovely outfit! I love all the classic, neutral pieces put together.

  4. You are seriously so gorgeous!! Love all the shots in this post, especially being surrounded by the poppies!

    I am now tempted to shop the LOFT sale. LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE! (& thank you!!)

  5. I am avoiding the LOFT sale so hard because I have to pinch my pennies right now but my bargain shopper radar is having a meltdown because I am not paying enough attention to it. Glad you were able to take advantage and find the perfect backdrop for your pictures! These are some gorg pictures!

  6. These pictures!! So so pretty!! I bought the same top in blue and love it so much! I was going to get it in black too, but sadly it's sold out. :(
    You look so cute!

  7. You are such a beautiful woman, Nicole! Your face just radiates joy :) I absolutely love this top on you - I have been searching for some peplum-style tops like this, because I think I'll feel really comfortable and not self-conscious in them. I found a couple at Old Navy that I am kind of on the fence about...

    As for my favorite flower, I don't think I really have one. However, I do have fond memories of playing with snapdragons when I was little...but I wouldn't say they're my favorite flower.


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