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It's May! While it is my birthday month, I really like May for some other unrelated and sort of related reasons too. First, summer really sets in during May and I start to get out and enjoy those summer nights where the sun stays out real late and the lightening bugs are everywhere. Second, I like to treat May like a second chance at the "new year" since it's a new age for me. I love a good set of goals (obvi), but January 1 isn't always the most conducive to year-long resolutions. A lot can change between January and May, and year after year I find myself reevaluating the goals I set five months ago simply due to shifting dreams and altered life circumstances.

I'll undoubtedly be writing about goals a lot this month as I break down last year's birthday bucket list and share this year's, but I didn't want to skip over my favorite monthly tradition of setting a few small goals to work on for the next 30 20 days.

Before we get too much further into May (where the heck has this month gone already???), here's what I was up to last month.

1. Give physical therapy a try | done! Post coming soon!
2. Go for at least 1 walk per week | nope. I think I only walked once the whole month. Womp womp.
3. Review Not That Kind of Girl | done! Read it here!
4. Create a media kit | nope. This was lofty for sure.
5. Make Breakfast for Dinner business cards | nope, but I know what I want them to look like now! I just didn't have the money this month to buy them, and I thought making them and not buying them yet would be disappointing.

Two out of five isn't too bad, especially considering I kind of piled it on for April. Here's what's on the docket for May!

1. celebrate me for my birthday | a comment on my recent The Year of the Woman post really stuck with me -- Ella mentioned using birthdays as a reason to celebrate oneself, rather than being celebrated by others. How often do we really take the time to celebrate ourselves? I'm for sure going to use this day for a little self-lovin'!
2. finish up and reflect on my 25 before 25 list | I have just 3 more things to complete to get me to 19/25 (currently I'm at 16/25). (See last update here.) The remaining 6 items are things I either can't do or decided not to do before this birthday. I'll share more details on this soon!
3. get my 26 before 26 list polished and posted | I've been making little changes here and there, but I've got my birthday bucket list almost ready to share with y'all! It's a good one and I'm so excited for the adventure the next year holds for me.
4. take salad to work one day a week | I have mastered a salad that I really love (spring mix + avocado + Italian dressing), now I just need to work on prepping and transporting it!
5. go for a walk one day a week | Dago is so good about consistent physical exercise several times a week. He used to play soccer twice a week, but has sustained a minor injury, so instead he goes for walks. I walked with him around the neighborhood the other evening and it was THE BEST, so I want to try to do it at least once a week!

What are you going to try to do this month?

P.S. I didn't want to count this as a goal because it's DEFINITELY happening, but if you're in Austin this week, come join me at Sophia Rossi's first book tour stop at BookPeople tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7PM! Bring your bestie to celebrate Sophia's new book A Tale of Two Besties, which is an excellent read. If you're not in Austin, be sure to check out her other stops and see her in your nearest city!


  1. Girl, if you wanna take walks, you just let me know. I walk every single day and love walking company. And I try to always make sure I see some turtles.

  2. I need to make my goals a little more attainable. I always set lofty goals and then fail miserably. I love the make salad one day a week, that seems far easier than eating salad every day for lunch. It's about little changes that make up the whole, right?

  3. I love that you post small monthly goals! I really should start doing this on my blog because there are so many little things I want/need to get done and no one to hold me accountable to them (not even my boyfriend, haha). I also love that comment about celebrating oneself on one's birthday--totally going to remember that for my 26th in a few months!

    xo Kimi

  4. I always love reading your monthly goals and recaps. I may follow suit and start posting them myself!

  5. OMG! I'd love to go to the see Sophia Rossi at the book people tonight...if my anxiety will let me drive there and find parking : / As far as your small goals go... they seem do-able for sure! Especially #4 and #5. You can do it!! I've got a lot on my plate for this Month, like HUGE things! Ha ha! I'm actually in the process of signing with an awesome publishing company for a future crochet book! More on that laters.... I know we've only meet once and I know I always say we should hang out but seriosly girl... I'm gonna make it happen. I talked to Becky about a possible brunch at the end of the month. Weeeeeee!

  6. I LOVE the idea of using your birthday to celebrate yourself! What a great shift in thinking about birthdays :) I really like that you and Dago are going to try walking together as well. When Kevin and I have made it a point to walk together regularly, we get so much done, ha! So many great conversations, laughs, solving of the world's's wonderful!


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