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Can you believe May is almost over? Like, holy cow this might have been the quickest month so far in 2015! As sad as I am to say goodbye to my birthday month, I'm also pretty excited but it means I'm about to get another paycheck!

As one of my 26 before 26 goals, I want to participate in a blogger link-up every month, and I thought I'd start with one of my favorites: Franish's Budgeting Bloggers link-up! I've always wanted to share what I purchase each month with y'all, but never could seem to get my act together in time to participate in the link-up. My goals really help me stay on track and I'm excited about starting to more carefully track my shopping (and therefore spending) along with a bunch of other awesome bloggers!

May was an especially broke month with extra bills and payments popping up, so my shopping was especially limited. Kind of lame for my birthday month, but I did purchase three items that I desperately needed and one pretty thing, so that's a win in my book.

Ruched High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms from Urban Outfitters -- $42
Embroidered Dolman Top from Gap Factory -- $21
Pointed Ankle Strap Flats in Nude from Forever 21 -- $16
3 1/2" Pixie Shorts in Black from Old Navy -- $20 (on sale from $25!)
Total: $99

The swimsuit bottoms are a replacement for the TopShop pair I bought last summer. I've gained a little more weight I think since last summer, but mostly I decided I wished I'd purchased a ruched pair to begin with because they're more flattering and make me feel more comfortable being out and about in so little clothing!

Am I the only one who seems to always be lacking tops? I went to the outlet mall with my girl gang over the weekend, vowed not to buy anything, and then walked away with just one item: this breezy embroidered top from the Gap outlet. It's the kind of thing I probably wouldn't have ordered online, but having tried it on and considering its value in my current summer closet (see: lacking), I decided to go for it.

I've been needing a replacement pair of nude flats for a while and decided an ankle strap pair would be a fun addition to my closet. I've been especially wanting them to wear with the dress I'm wearing to weddings this year as a summer alternative to the black and red look. I have persistently checked LuLu*s for the last several months, hoping a pair would show up, as I love every pair of shoes I've gotten from them. Forever 21 beat them to it, and I'm really happy with these shoes! You can see me wearing them with my birthday outfit here. As you can tell, they're a little on the yellow-ish side? But I really don't mind because I think the idea of "nude" shoes is so problematic in the first place. Also, if you're interested in these, I recommend sizing up half a size! I am a very true 7 and wish I had just a little more toe room.

These shorts are awesome. I dread shorts shopping like most women, but I decided to randomly try these on one day when I was shopping with Chelsea, not really expecting them to fit. I took in a size 4 and 6, and tried on the 6 first just so I wouldn't be sad at myself if I tried on the 4 first and they were too small. Luckily, the 6 was PERFECT (like, almost scary perfect!) and it put me in the best mood about my body. I don't care too much about the number as long as the item of clothing fits the way it should. I love that I can wear these to work (thank goodness for working in a creative industry because it's too hot in Austin to go all summer without wearing shorts!), and not feel like I'm being inappropriate. I've got hella long legs and was never allowed to wear shorts to school growing up because they never passed the fingertip rule, but these are a great length on me, both in appropriateness and flattering-ness.

I also purchased one of the blue oxford shirts from my wishlist a few weeks ago, the fitted boyfriend oxford shirt from Gap, but there was nothing "boyfriend" about it and I ended up returning it. The fabric was a heavy woven cotton (almost like soft denim?), rather than the breezy, lightweight material I was expecting. I was hoping to wear it with the new black shorts and my favorite Steve Madden sandals, but it was way too fitted (especially in the sleeves!) and not at all summery. I'm pretty bummed because I got the $50 shirt for $7.99 using my $10 Gap Cash and the 40% off sale they were running at the time. It seems like every time I buy something with earned Gap Cash, I end up losing it because I have to ultimately return the item! Womp womp.

That's it for this month, but I'm hoping to add a few more things to my summer wardrobe because I am feeling completely uninspired by my closet lately.

As I mentioned, I'm linking up with Franish and the Budgeting Bloggers! Can't wait to see what all the other ladies bought this month -- be sure to check them out for yourself!


  1. I hate shorts- which is an issue in florida. I have one pair that I found on final sale last year at Loft that make me feel good, but it's just been an impossible search to find others. My waist seems to be a decent amount smaller than my legs and these shorts just so happened to have the perfect high waist and roomy legs. Why are they so difficult to find?

  2. I love that you're doing this! I always love seeing how people allocate their funds to add to their wardrobe. I am lacking in tops these days too! I think I worry more about dresses and shoes, and then let things like tops and outerwear go. Although the combination of my size and style changing so much in the last couple of years and being super broke has left a lot of gaps in my closet : / . I believe the one pair of shorts that I currently have (I was actually pretty shocked that they still fit me) is from Old Navy. A lot of their stuff does not fit me right, but I have found a few treasures there.

  3. Girl, your shorts game has been on point! First the levis and now these black ones! Love it!

  4. I know what you mean, I always try on the bigger size first. I'd rather go down, than go up! Even though I know the number is arbitrary...it's a habit! I really want to try out high-waisted swimsuit bottoms!

  5. LOVE those high waisted bikini bottoms. Everyone raves about the pixie cut for Old Navy, but every time I go in there I get distracted and try on other things.

  6. I don't know where all this good-shorts fortune is coming from, but I'm not complaining!

  7. I got them after seeing how much you loved yours! They look like a much more comfy/sustainable option than the TopShop ones that only lasted me a summer.

  8. I hate when clothes aren't worthy of our beautiful, unique bodies! I'm between two or three sizes these days, depending on the article of clothing, so it's really a miracle that these fit without any stress. When you find something that works, buy it in every color!

  9. I'm excited to start tracking it! I want to go a couple of months to see how much I regularly spend (because I'm terrible and have no idea) before deciding on a specific budget number. I love that Fran gives herself a certain amount over the course of 3 months because that's how I shop -- seasonally. I also have some exciting news coming up that affects how much I can allot for a shopping budget, so I'm waiting til that happens before I make any decisions.

  10. I'm so glad I'm not alone in that! The swimsuit bottoms are fantastic. I can't wait to to go out to the pool and not feel worried about the way I look in them!

  11. I had never tried them either, even though I always hear such good things! I'm glad I discovered them so I can buy them in all the colors/prints.

  12. I love seeing what people purchase every month! Those bikini bottoms are fantastic!

  13. The bikini bottoms are retro cool and I love them. Great choices overall, and welcome to your first month of budgeting bloggers!

  14. Mine are still going strong after a year, so I think yours will hold up just fine! :)

  15. I really like high waisted bikini bottoms, because I feel self conscious about my stomach, and ruching is good camouflage for that area. ;) Also, I'm always on the lookout for new tops too!

  16. The Gap Factory top looks nice and breezy for summer. I'm also in the market for a pair of shorts (denim preferred, though a nice dark blue or black pair in another material would also be nice) but I've had no luck the (very few) times I've tried any on.

  17. I'm right there with you on not having much in the tops department...I have a few tees but nothing that's "work appropriate." I'm on the hunt, but I'm also so picky and I haven't found anything I like and/or that works. Sigh. The search continues.

    I love the swimsuit bottoms you got. I recently tried on my two swimsuits from this past summer and felt immediately AWFUL in them. I really think that I'd feel better in a two-piece as long as the bottoms were high-waisted and ruched like these. We'll see if I can find anything that would work for me as I'm out and about, too.

    I'm so happy you found some shorts that work for you, too! I have the 10-inch Pixie shorts in two colors and I LOVE them! I don't like exposing too much thigh (mostly because the leg holes creep up and then it looks like my crotch is trying to eat them, haha gross), so the 10-inchers are perfect for me. I love how structured the Pixie pants/shorts material is, but it's still SO stretchy and comfortable!


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