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This year is absolutely flying by, but it's nice to check in every month with my small goals to stay on top of the things I want and need to get done. I was really, really set on accomplishing all five of my goals in June, and I got so close, but not quite the whole enchilada. 

Here's what I had lined up, and what I knocked down.

1. celebrate our anniversary with a day tripdonedone, and done!
2. buy a dryer | I'm so sad to say that I didn't accomplish this. I ended up doing a lot more shopping than I expected in June, so my dryer money went to a few pretty dresses and cute tops. Womp womp.
3. hang out in the pool | The rain in Austin tried to keep me away, but I finally got a little pool time in with Briley on Sunday evening!
4. walk at least once a week | done!
5. set up Buffer to schedule social content | done! I plan to share more about Buffer soon!

4/5 is, again, not bad. Hoping for 5/5 this time around!

1. no clothing purchases* | Because I purchased so many things in June, I'm going to attempt to not shop for clothing this month. I want to focus on the clothes I have now, and I want to...
2. buy a dryer | Since all my dryer money went to clothes, my July clothes money goes to a dryer. So...uh...anybody have tips on getting a dryer off Craigslist?
3. finish You Feel So Mortal | Excited to check off another book on my 2015 reading list!
4. send three blog partnership pitches | I've spent a lot of time thoughtfully determining a few brands that I think y'all will be really excited about and I'd love to partner with them to share some awesome content with you. Sending pitches is super intimidating, as it turns out,  but I need to bite the bullet and send these emails!
5. try 5 new ways to incorporate fruit into my every day routine | This month's healthy eating initiative takes a little more creativity, which I think will help me accomplish it. I'm looking forward to yummy lunches at work this month!

What are you up to in July?

*Excludes bags and purses. I have some dire purse needs that I'll be sharing in upcoming wishlist posts. I realize this seems like cheating, but IdowhatIwant.


  1. Oh, I can't believe it's July tomorrow! Time goes so quickly...
    Yay for at least getting most of your goals ticked off the list. Doesn't it feel fabulous to get things done!
    Just the thought of sending pitches gave me heart palpitations, it sure is intimidating, I don't know how you do it! >.<
    Good luck with the goals this month! I'm sending you good and fierce vibes to keep you going! <3

  2. Yay on getting a dryer: isn't adulting fun?! (sarcasm intended) We got our washer/dryer through Roberto's Appliances in south Austin. Great prices and service: highly recommend. Good luck!

  3. June has gone by fast for sure! I don't have any goals for July but looking forward to moving to Fort Lauderdale:)
    Good luck on your goals!

  4. One of the things I try to get into the habit of doing (especially when I'm in a healthier gear) it treating fruit more like dessert, so slicing some fruit and maybe drizzling it with honey and sprinkling with cinnamon replaces more sugary treats. Fruit is also really easy to add to breakfast cereal or oatmeal, infuse for flavorful water, and incorporate into cocktails. I'm excited to see what things end up working for you!

  5. I totally want to try to pitch to brands, but I have no idea how to even go about doing that... I would LOVE to hear your thoughts/tips (maybe after you send your pitches)! Also, I highly recommend slicing up a green apple and dipping the slices in almond butter. It's life changing.

    xo Kimi

  6. Did I mention I'm behind on blog reading again? I wanted to comment on sending pitch emails. It's SO HARD. And then you send it, and then you wonder why it took you so long. Especially if you get a positive response. I sent out 5 "I'd love you to give me a gift certificate" emails last night and I've already gotten yeses back from two of them, which has been awesome. I hope you're making progress on that one - and if not, I hope this is your little kick in the butt you needed :). (See, it's a good thing I'm so late on blog reading.)

  7. I'm so excited people responded to you so quickly! I sent 2 perfect emails last week and haven't heard anything. I'm so bummed I forgot to track them before I hit send >.<

    Thanks for the kick in the butt ;)


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