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It's been a while since I posted on a Friday! I wanted to bring back my weekly link love posts. These are some of my favorite features from other bloggers because I love to see what my friends are reading, plus I get to find some cool corners of the Internet that I may not have seen otherwise! So here we are. Here are a few of my favorite links of the week!

♥ Chrystina had the most brilliant post about having a vomit contingency plan. It sounds weird, but I swear it's just amazing.

♥ April posted about one of my favorite vintage stores in Austin! Anytime my extended family wanted to hang out with me when I was a kid, I made them take me to Room Service. So many memories (and fabulous vintage!)

♥ Love the way Alice styled her JORD. A gingham skirt is officially on my wishlist!

♥ Need another podcast to add to your listening roster? Internet darling Indiana just launched a hilarious new show with her husband. I present to you Mom Jeans & Dad Jokes.

♥ I loved (and needed) this list of body positive ways to support yourself if you're a binge eater (or just in general!)

♥ Two of my favorite posts this week were from Houston blogger Meg: she reflected on finishing her fourth year teaching and then said goodbye to the greatest grocery store in the world because she's gettin' hitched and movin' to Louisiana! Is it weird that both of these posts made me cry?

♥ The summer reading list you need

♥ Your feel good video of the week

♥ My favorite wedding that I blogged this week on Junebug. Obsessed with her vintage dress and the family style reception! P.S. we're running a $200 giveaway for Anthro. Go enter

♥ On my wishlist: this ice cream print, this perfect printed skirt (please go on sale!), these geometric earrings, this floral midi dress, this hilarious pouch, and these comfy espadrilles.

Share your favorite links of the week in the comments!

P.S. Today is mine and Dago's four year anniversary! Please send posi vibes that our plans don't get rained out because while I plan to watch all of Orange is the New Black this weekend anyway, I also want to go on an adventure!


  1. Happy anniversary!! I will also be binge watching OITNB this weekend along with the rest of America, haha :) Hopefully the rain stays away this weekend for you two! <3

  2. I love these posts. I like saving my favorite reads for them and then I LOVE reading other people's favorites. It's such a fun little peak into a person's life. Happy anniversary! :-)

  3. I was so caught up in reading through the links (from the bottom up... of course) that I didn't even notice I was on there at first. Thanks for sharing! Also, yes that wedding dress is gorgeous, where is it from? Also also, bridesmaids apparel from Target? Genius. Excited to read through some of these other ones as well! xo

  4. I really needed that BED article. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the link love Missy! Also happy anni! So much fun!

  6. Thanks you for the love Nicole! Room Service is now my new obsession.

  7. Thanks for the love sweet girl!! BTW the wedding that you linked, oh my goodness her dress is beyond gorgeous! I could just stalk people's wedding photos all day and night. Hope you and Dago had a fabulous anniversary! We need a TXSC reunion asap!

    xo, Alice

  8. GreetingsfromTexasJune 16, 2015 at 7:59 PM

    that tap dancing video made me cry!!!!! great list! love you!


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