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UPDATE: SCOTUS just ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry in all 50 states. This is an amazing day in history and such a wonderful reason to celebrate! Here's the playlist we're partying/crying to in the office this morning.


Welcome to Friday, kittens! Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web (do people say web anymore?) this week:

♥ I may not be able to tell you the future, but this magical emoji machine sure can!

♥ I love outfit recaps from past seasons, especially with looks as cute as Rachel's!

♥ I am obsessed with BuzzFeed's series where women of different shapes and sizes try on a clothing line to show you how it really looks on a variety of beautiful bodies. Their latest Victoria's Secret swimsuit shoot totally nails it!

♥ Since it's been unseasonably not-that-hot in Austin lately, I'm thinking I might recreate this cozy scarf outfit.

♥ My girl Chelsea was included in The Glitter Guide's round-up of inspiring Instagrams you should be following! Be sure to follow her and check out the others!

♥ As a girl who will always choose comfy undies and a flat shoe over skimpy skivvies and high heels, I can totally get behind this article.

♥ My favorite wedding I blogged this week (and maybe ever) took place at a zoo.

♥ A little wishlist for the weekend: two printed skirts I need in my closet ASAP (one and two) because could I be any more predictable, these pretty suede ankle strap flats, these glam little cluster earrings, and this reversible vegan leather tote that may be coming home with me after my next paycheck!

Link me to your favorite corners of the Internet in the comments!


  1. I AM FREAKING OUT WITH JOY AND I MAY HAVE CRIED AT MY DESK. Ahhh what a time to be alive.

    And thank you for including my summer outfits recap, you da best! :) Also, that zoo wedding is freakin' beautiful! Yay love! xo

  2. AHHH I KNOW! We're all singing along to the Yes Equality playlist on Spotify and crying. It's such a beautiful day!!

  3. Chelsea Laine FrancisJune 26, 2015 at 11:08 AM

    Love you so much! So excited to be alive and your friend today <3

  4. It's been a relatively good week at the Supreme Court! The marriage equality ruling is huge, and some of the other cases this week were pretty big too. I've been following housing discrimination issues since I took a class on the subject and there was a pretty big (and favorable) housing discrimination decision yesterday too.

  5. Definitely! Also the inclusion of healthcare services for transpeople under federal employee health plans!

  6. It's one of my best gay friend's birthday's today. Literally best birthday present ever! Love Wins!!!!

    Also, I have that reversible tote in black/cognac. I love it! You should totally get it.

  7. I have been loving that Buzzfeed series too! Did you see the one about "finding" your bra size? Perfection. Being without my iphone the past couple of days has been ultra sad. *First World Problems* So many new instagram people to follow!

    Here are my favorites for the week!

  8. Oh I loved the Buzzfeed article about the VS swimsuits. The commentary by the girls was just hilarious. And man, so insightful! I've actually never bought a suit from there, but I have a couple I inherited. I like them alright, but I definitely do not look like one of those models. Those poses look pretty ridiculous!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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