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If I'm going to be spending some time in the pool this month, then I'm going to need a cute swimsuit to do it in, right? Last week I shared my brand new high-waisted bottoms from Urban Outfitters, but failed to mention that I don't have a top to wear with them. My old tops just don't fit right anymore, so I'm looking for an updated style to fill that hole in my closet. Specifically, I'm loving balconette bikini tops. The vintage style is adorable and I think the shape would look cute with my bottoms!

one // two // three // four // five // six

I've always been a fan of mixed-and-matched swimwear, which is why I bought black bottoms. The color of this Topshop top (1) (tongue twister, much?) is giving my heart eyes, but there are also so many cute prints! The Urban Outfitters top (3) is probably my favorite, but I really would prefer not to spend $40 on a bikini top. If I end up waiting until the last minute, I'll probably end up with the spotted Old Navy top (6), which wouldn't be so bad, but is definitely the least fun of the bunch.

Are you in the market for a new swimsuit this season? Are you into mixing and matching your tops and bottoms? What's on your list this list?

P.S. It's Dago's birthday! Everybody wish him a happy birthday!!


  1. All of these are so cute! Loving 1, 3, and 4. I am very into mixing and matching the tops and bottoms of my bikinis. I recently bought striped bottoms and a solid red top from OU and I am adoring it!

  2. I love the style of these bikini tops, but when I tried one out for myself last summer I felt like I was gonna "pop out" of it at any moment! Especially when jumping in the pool. Idk, they just didn't work for me :( That said, I think #2 would look the cutest with your black UO bottoms!

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  3. I SUPER love #4! I think it will be a nice pop of color against your bottoms, and it will look so pretty on you! BUY THEM NOW!

  4. They are all SO good, but three is my fave :) Plus, you could totally get away with wearing it under a sheer blouse or something and it would look like a cute bra!

  5. omg that's such a good idea! i don't want to pay $40 for a bikini top, but if it's doubling as a cute bralette i might be able to justify it!

  6. I adore these tops, but with my boobs it makes me look a little too 'inviting' if you know what I mean haha! ;) Maybe if I can find a style that comes up a bit higher or has a halter neck to it?! Great choices, I'm obsessed with number 6!
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  7. Before I even knew which one you were favoring, I thought, "Oh man she NEEDS #3 for sure." I love the bold colors. It would definitely suit you.

  8. Ooooooo! I love all of these and they are so flattering too! I actually got a black one at Old Navy for next to nothing and it's true, it could double as a bralette in a pinch. I mean it basically is shaped and looks like a bra and does wonders for that girls if you know what I mean.....

  9. I'm torn between 3 and 4! Swimsuits hate my body type so I don't think any of these would work for me, but they are soooo damn cute.

  10. I bought a new swimsuit last year and only wore it a couple of times, so I'm crossing my fingers that it still fits! I have been stalking swimwear online though...something about moving back to Texas makes me feel like I'm going to be in the pool a lot. I desperately need a tan! I definitely feel like if you have swimwear that's super cute and fits you right, it's so much easier to let body insecurities wash away. 1 and 2 are jumping out to me, but I also like the idea of doing something a little softer like 5 to offset the solid black bottoms. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these!

    Happy birthday Dago!

  11. I'd love to try out a two-piece swimsuit...which I haven't had in YEARS due to the worst body image I've had in forever, but I feel like it could be really empowering to find a two-piece suit that makes me look and feel amazeballs (yeah, I said amazeballs). I found a pair of black high-waisted bottoms online that I'm trying to decide if I'm confident enough to order, but they look so promising. I love the balconette tops as well and will be looking for a couple of mix-and-match tops if I get the balls to get a two-piece - I'd love to hear what you wound up with!!


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