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First things first: y'all are amazing. Everyone's response to my post yesterday is so appreciated. Y'all had some really amazing input about getting my style back on track and I'm excited to get back to shopping instead of just checking items off a list.

One really great suggestion I got from Jen was to try adding in some accessories to make my current basics more exciting. I thought it would be fun to start with a piece I've always wanted to own, but never have. A statement clutch is such a cool way to liven up an LBD or a tee and jeans. Here are a few of the ones that have caught my eye recently!

on my list statement cluthes
one // two // three // four // five // six

To be honest, I'm having a terrible time making up my mind about what I want in a statement clutch. I guess that's not a surprise when I'm having so much trouble defining my style in the first place. I love the summery look of the straw bag, the modern classic of the spotted one, and the romantic vintage look of the embroidered one. The leather bag is gorgeous and would be so versatile, while the confetti clutch is just absolutely fun and such a conversation starter! The coral bag is trendy and cool and I can see myself wearing it with a ton of stuff too. How do I decide??

What's on your wishlist lately?


  1. All of those clutches are so cute! I love two and four because they both seem really versatile, and three and six are really fun and bright. Speaking of accessories, ever since I have started reading your blog I have loved seeing all the scarves you have worn. I always think scarves are such a simple, yet elegant way to liven up an outfit. I definitely need to own more scarves.
    The number one thing on my whishlist right now is a pair of white Converse. I wore mine floating last summer (big mistake) and I never could get the smell of the Guadalupe River out. I miss having them in my closet, so I think it's time to buy another pair!

  2. These are soooo fun. I really like 3 + 4 because I think they can match so much and yet they still have personality. I bought this one a year or so ago and still get lots of compliments on it! https://www.etsy.com/listing/181860108/mint-green-organic-cotton-and-brown?ref=shop_home_active_8

    I also wrote two posts with some clutch options last summer

    one and two

  3. Hello, goldmine! I see that you really like that two-fabric look ;) I'll def be checking out these shops!

  4. I gave myself such a difficult task! Maybe I just need to get two? One versatile and one fun -- new approach to my closet!

    I'm so glad you've started wearing scarves! I struggle with necklaces and find scarves to be such a fun alternative. I love that I can pull in something vintage or vintage-inspired to an otherwise normal/modern outfit.

    Definitely get those Converse girl! I can see you wearing them a ton. I hate when I accidentally wear something and it gets ruined. I found out about this stuff called NeverWet that you can spray on your new pair to keep them white FOREVER! I keep meaning to buy it for my light pink slip-ons because they get dirty so fast!

  5. I love 3 & 4! I find myself drawn a lot more to embroidery now in my clothing & accessories because it feels fun & lively, but still very classic in some ways. I also read through your comments, and I think maybe you should embrace buying two statement clutches -- one that's classic & versatile and another that's fun. Especially since with clutches, it can be so easy to switch between them, or throw them into a larger purse when you need to take a little more with you (this is how I survive every day: clutch thrown in bag).

    On my list right now is a neutral pair of heels. I have several black pairs and a few that are pops of color, but nothing truly neutral that I can pair back to anything -- dresses or jeans, colorful or muted outfits. Of course there is tan, but I'm also seeing a few shades of pinkish-tan that may be a good balance of neutral but not brown.

  6. I have to admit I'm a sucker for #1. The color contrast definitely gives me heart eyes. I totally struggle with clutches because I always feel like I only have one free hand when I carry them, and sometimes you need both hands, like holding a glass of rosé and giving someone a high five. How do you do that with a clutch?! If a clutch has a hidden shoulder strap, I'm all for it. But then does it still qualify as a clutch?

    I'm currently in the market for patterned, lightweight, sleeveless tops. Walking 15 minutes to and from work means no sleeves for this gal!

  7. I'm glad there was some helpful advice in that super long message! My vote is 5 just because you used the word "fun" to describe it and it sounds like you need an injection of that in your wardrobe, but these are all super cute.

  8. I'm pretty much obsessed with that confetti clutch! How fun!

  9. Yea! I think getting two is a good idea! Best of both worlds.

    I'm not a big necklace person. I have a ton of them, but I'm pretty sure they were all gifts. I tend to wear one necklace for months and months and if someone happens to get me a necklace, then I will switch out the one I was wearing with the new one. Wearing more scarves will definitely help liven up some of my outfits!

  10. 5 and 3 speak to my soul!

  11. That's a great tip! I should add more fun accessories to my closet. I don't think I have any clutches now that I think about it. Love #4!

  12. Ooh, this is a fun round-up. They're all so pretty. Every time I head out for a wedding I wish I had one of these - and then I realize that there's no way my camera is going to fit inside of it :/


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