Fridays are the sweetest day of the week, with such promise ahead for the weekend. I don't have any plans yet, but I'm sure I will partake in brunch and naps at least some of the time. Before I can order my French toast or curl up on the couch with Contessa, I've got to make it through today, and these lovely links are just what I need to get to 5 PM!

♥ Last weekend I was invited to brunch with a few local bloggers + creatives at Walton's Fancy & Staple. A Taste of Koko was the sweetest hostess and wrote a cute recap of the delicious morning!

♥ Wednesday was apparently National Lipstick Day. Also, apparently, I need to buy this shade of red.

♥ My new favorite Instagram account.

♥ Some great tips on media kits and pitching brands from Chrystina Noel.

♥ Everything Adina wears gives me heart eyes, but I can't stop thinking about this adorable blush and black outfit for work!

♥ I've followed Virginia photographer Maegan Abell on Instagram for years, so I'm especially stoked about her #FindTheGirlsOnTheNegatives adventure going viral!

♥ My two favorite words: cat loaves.

♥ After seeing Natalia wear this collared dress, it's at the top of my wishlist.

♥ ICYMI: Chelsea is offering mini sessions on August 8! If you're in Austin and need some beautiful photos, I recommend signing up soon before all the spots are filled!

♥ Things I'm going to try to avoid buying this weekend: this gingham peplum top, these adorably unique sandals, this sleek take on an eyelet dress, and this gold tassel necklace.

Do you have fun weekend plans? Share you favorite links from the week in the comments!

link love

Although I'm excited for another Budgeting Bloggers linkup, I also know that I shouldn't be linking up this month because I wasn't supposed to shop in July. Whoops? While I did technically break my own rule, I limited my shopping and ended up with a few pieces I've been wearing a ton. I also made out like a bandit at an Old Navy sale, so that didn't hurt either!

Here's what I bought:
what i bought july
Relaxed Knit Slub Tank from Old Navy in three colors - $7.76 a piece (on sale!), $23.28 total
Striped High-Neck Tank from Old Navy (sold out/not pictured, similar)  - $7.76 (on sale!)
vintage Abbie Demi Coach purse via Prototype - $58

Total: $109.79

Well, seeing that I spent over $100 is a little disappointing, but I did also mention earlier this month that I would be buying a purse and that I was willing to spend what I needed in order to get what I wanted (I sound like a Mafioso?). Other than the purse, I bought five plain, basic shirts that go with everything I own and a hat for $51.79. Putting it in that perspective definitely makes me feel better!

With the thought of not shopping at all in mind, I was able to focus on wearing what I have (i.e. everything I bought in June!), instead of having grabby hands every time I walk by a store. I didn't buy anything online this month, which might have been the biggest factor. I think I'm going to implement this as a goal moving forward, especially when we get into fall and I have to rebuild my closet again for body-changing-reasons. If I can dedicate one month to buying all the things, then I can save my money the other months for travel, random gift giving, and new tattoo fund!

That said, I'm still not 100% on my actual budget yet, but I'm excited to see what my total summer spending looks like so I have some basis for fall/winter. If you're interested in how other awesome bloggers spend their monthly budgets, be sure to check out and/or link up with Fran and the other Budgeting Bloggers here!

And, if you're curious, check out what I bought in May and June.

what i bought in july

I'm not much of a jewelry gal and I've never really worn rings at all, but I recently picked up the prettiest gold ring from Limbo Jewelry in Austin and now I'm craving more! My girl April looks amazing with her fingers-full of rings and she's got me thinking maybe I could pull off wearing more than one at once too. While the popular stacking rings would probably be a more sensible option, I can't help but look at these beautifully unique pieces.

on my list delicate gold ringsone // two // three // four // five // six

The first ring would look so seamless with my Limbo ring, and that automatically makes it a front-runner in my shopping adventure. On the other hand, how cool are these other rings? The asymmetrical ring is super edgy, but also possibly looks like it could be uncomfortable? Maybe what I need is a sweet bow or a quirky kitten to adorn my finger with. Both of the wire rings have that handmade, one-of-a-kind look that I'm totally falling for.

Are you a ring-wearer? Do these delicate rings make you swoon? What's on your list this week?

on my list | delicate gold rings

straw hat grey tunic4 straw hat grey tunic1 straw hat grey tunic2 straw hat grey tunic3 straw hat grey tunic5 straw hat grey tunic8 straw hat grey tunic6
hat: Target // tee: Old Navy // jeans: Gap Outlet // sandals: Steve Madden // purse: vintage Coach via Prototype // necklace: The Land of Salt

By definition, trends aren't meant to be timeless. They're fleeting fads in fashion that go in and out of style with the season. However, there are a few fashion choices that could be considered to be "trending" that have actually been around forever that will never truly go out of style. Two of these timeless styles that are having a moment are hats and tunics. You know something is having a moment when you can pick it up at your local Target or Old Navy, which is exactly where these pretties are from.

Since I bought this hat, I've worn it almost every day (it goes with everything!), so don't be surprised when you see it again real soon. As for the tunic, I'm loving the longer length just as much as I love the look of crop tops, and I hope both trends stick around for a while. This tee is incredibly comfy, and the side slits are the cutest little accent to such a basic piece. I think next time I grab it, I'm going to wear it with a scarf and a pair of shorts -- it's so perfect for layering!

P.S. If you haven't noticed, Chelsea is like really good at taking photos and also really good at being awesome. If you're in Austin and you've been interested in working with her, I def recommend signing up for one of the mini sessions she's offering! Need headshots, outfit pictures, or celebratory birthday photos? Get on dat mini session, yo!

timeless trends


Happy Friday! This week felt so busy, I just need a week to nap to make up for it. I was so busy I haven't even watched Sharknado 3 yet! Def on my agenda for this weekend. In the meantime, we have the rest of Friday to get through, so here are a few fun links from around the Internet to waste at least, like, ten minutes of your work day!

 I've been asking Dago forever to do the let your partner dress you for a week challenge and hopefully we eventually get around to it. Summer's husband did such a great job (and, if you haven't seen it yet, her toddler did too!).

♥ This tiny female ring bearer is cuter than I will ever be.

♥ My heart, illustrated.

♥ Valery's diversity chic series is one of my favs, and I love this month's florals and sandals roundup!

♥ This list of apps for people with anxiety rocks. I used to use Headspace when I was first learning to meditate, and I'm super excited to try Pacifica and Acupressure.

♥ Why am I not wearing Kaity's comfy dress outfit? Why aren't we all?

♥ An easy weekend wardrobe wishlist: this lightweight popover, these fancy lace-up flats, this perfect striped tee, this unique-yet-simple black skirt, and this cozy sweater for chilly coffee shops.

What are you up to this weekend? Share any favorite links from this week in the comments!

link love

It all happened on Friday. I was having a crummy day by 10 AM, so I decided to go to Target to buy some cake donuts. On my way to said donuts, I passed the prettiest straw fedora. I put it on my head, expecting it to fall over my face like all hats do because I have a tiny head, but then it fit. I didn't take it off as I procured my donuts, and then I bought it and it went back to work with me.

Hats tend to be rather large on my little head, but this one fit like a sassy little dream. However, being from Target, I don't know if it's the hat that's going to last me very long. So, even though I just bought a sassy straw hat...I'm wishlisting these babies!
  on my list straw hats
one // two // three // four // five // six

The Panama hats have been everywhere this summer, and while I, of course, love the Madewell version, the Express hat is also super cute! I'm also into the look of the flat Apt 9 hat, which would look so sweet with a little chambray dress and flats. Both of the Brixton hats (five and six) have my eye (and heart) because I know I can get them in a smaller size (heck yes!), and I love that both of them are seasonally versatile. Speaking of versatility, is a black hat more or less so?

Hats! Are you into them? What's on your wishlist this week?

on my list | sassy straw hats

3 ways to get more out of your weekend

I know I'm not the only one who has gone to bed Sunday night thinking "where the heck did my weekend go?". We've all been there -- Monday morning comes too soon and you find yourself recounting every minute of your weekend, wondering where it all went wrong.

Whether you spend your days off at the lake, on the couch, or in a coffee shop, there are a few things you can do to get more out of your weekend. While I may not be a perfect weekend warrior every Saturday and Sunday, here are my current initiatives for getting the most out of my days off.

1. Don't go straight home after work on Friday. | For the longest time, I wouldn't make plans on Fridays because it was my evening to hang out with Dago after a long week of work and being a social butterfly. We always meant to go out to dinner or go to the park, but every week we found ourselves sitting on the couch eating fast food or ice cream, him playing FIFA and me catching up on blogs. 

Then, on a random Friday in April, I decided to do a little shopping on Friday before going home. When Monday rolled around, I felt like I'd really spent time on myself over the weekend and was ready to take on the week. The following Friday, I made a pizza date with a girlfriend, and again Monday was a piece of cake. Regardless of what I did on Saturday or Sunday, I had fulfilling weekend time on Friday and that made all the difference. Now, I do at least a little something every Friday between work and going home, that way my weekend starts as soon as I leave the office instead of waiting until I wake up Saturday morning.

2. Unplug -- but really. | Like most people, I struggle with not checking my email every time I get a notification on my phone, which can lead to working even when you're supposed to be weekending. Even just being on Twitter or Instagram keeps my focus on the same tiny screen I look at all week, instead of on the world around me where I actually have the time and energy to explore.

I'm not saying leave your phone at home for the whole weekend, but if you're really putting your energy into whatever you do for the weekend -- hiking in the woods or adventuring in a new part of town -- it won't be a big deal to leave your phone in your bag for an hour or two without checking for Instagram likes or retweets. Part of the goal here is to go out and do something with your weekend that's exciting and engaging enough to not need your phone as a distraction.

3. Have a Sunday night routine. | This is the part where I, the blogger, reminds you that I'm not perfect. I don't yet have an awesome Sunday routine that I do every single week, but I'm working on it because the Sundays where I do participate in a routine make Monday mornings so much easier.

So far, my routine looks like this: plan out my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday blog posts and start drafts in Blogger; eat dinner; attempt to watch True Detective but blog instead because it's boring; finish up Monday's post and get Tuesday or Wednesday's started about the time Dago goes to bed at 9:30; think about what I have going on the coming week and what outfits those commitments will require, and then decide what I'm wearing Monday and make sure that's clean/not wrinkly; read a little before bed; scroll through the Explore section of Instagram until I fall asleep.

While this probably doesn't sound like the routine you were expecting -- a hot bath, no screen time, meal planning, yoga before bed --  it's what I do every Sunday and it helps me prepare for the week ahead. If I stay out too late on Sunday, these things don't get done, and then Monday sneaks up on me and the whole week is out of whack.

So that's how I've been getting more out of my weekends. What helps make your Mondays a little easier?

P.S. Interested in more insight into getting a hold on things? Check out my post on making balance!

3 ways to get more out of your weekend

austin blogger

After an especially long week, I'm really glad it's Friday. Actually, it's been so long that I thought I skipped a link love post last week (I didn't) because it felt that long ago.  Anyway, here are some links because I'm sure you need a distraction from responding to emails (I know I do!).

♥ Fran brought back the best series of all time: Fran vs. Fur. Who wore it better?

♥ You know that thing that you're feeling a little down about? Maybe you're doubting yourself or thinking of giving up? This girl has a few words for you.

♥ And if that didn't work, try this.

♥ My dear sister-friend Katie was a guest on Breakfast for Dinner this week! We talk about our personal mascots, social media rankings, Minions, and more.

♥ My three favorite outfits this week came from April, Kimi, and Rachel.

♥ Chrystina's investigation of her resting bitch face had me cackling in bed next to a sleeping Dago.

♥ One of my 26 before 26 goals is to keep some plants alive, and Natalia's little house tour inspired me to go big (this way I'll see it and remember to water it!).

♥ If you're not already following The Nectar Collective, you should be. Her advice is truly, actually, really helpful. Over the weekend I (finally) created a media kit for this here blog using her tips, as well as a few from Mattieologie.

♥ A wishlist of things I like but am hesitant to try: this delicate tunic (are we wearing those now?), this punchy off-the-shoulder dress (trend of the summer or when will it end -- you tell me!), this grey Panama hat (do real people wear hats, or just bloggers?), and these fierce little ear jackets (who knew my earlobes were cold? not me!).

What's on your plate this weekend? Share your favorite links of the week in the comments!

link love

Continuing with my search for bags this month (see here and here), I'm suddenly dreaming of little leather backpacks to swing over my shoulder for day trips and casual outings. Do I need a tiny backpack? Definitely not. Would I look really, really cute with one? Absolutely.

Here are a few that are on my window shopping list this month that you should totally add to yours too:

on my list little leather backpacks
one // two // three // four // five // six

I'm having trouble deciding if I would want a black or cognac backpack, or something totally different. Most of my bags are cognac and I've always been attracted to the color. My current mini backpack (if you remember) is red canvas, which is super fun but not necessarily versatile (which begs the question 'how versatile does a tiny backpack need to be?'). All of that said, I think I'm leaning towards black. It's classic, it's sexy (yet, backpacks can be sexy), it's edgy, and it's easy. I especially like the Galian black backpack and the black version of the Loeffler Randal Couio mini backpack. Perfect for bringing just a few items to Tuesday co-working (less distractions!) or going out to a bar for the night and ditching my traditional crossbody purse.

What's on your list this week?

on my list | little leather backpacks

creatives connecting offline

If you know me in person or have followed my blog for a while, you know that I deal with anxiety. As a blogger, I'm always invited to mixers and networking events to get to know the other movers and shakers in my area, but my anxiety has kept me from having a productive or even enjoyable experience in such large groups of people. It can be hard to break out of your own circle of existing friends and break into a new group of talented, successful, awesome people without feeling inferior or just totally overwhelmed. 

Since I'm sure I'm not the only nervous Nellie out here in the blogging world (I mean, we do all hide behind our screens!), I wanted to share a few ideas for connecting offline with creatives in your community that don't require small talk or navigating big crowds.

01. Co-working | I mentioned in yesterday's post that I've recently started co-working with a group of local gals. Every Tuesday evening we get together, bring a few things to work on, bounce ideas off each other and get inspired for what's ahead. It was so nice to trade Instagram tips, get a second opinion on which outfit photos would do best on Pinterest, and brainstorm future post ideas. Blogging, or doing anything creative, 100% alone can be detrimental with no one to talk shop with or learn and grow from. Chelsea is a great connector of people and she just put a call out on Instagram inviting people to join us. This was such a cool way to involve new creatives we didn't already know and is definitely something anyone could recreate in their own community.

02. Workshops | I love attending creative workshops because there is something to do besides stand around and talk. When you're learning a craft or trying out a new skill, everyone is on a more level playing field and there are built-in conversation starters. One thing I've been really wanting to start is emailing bloggers and creatives in Austin who I think really excel at something we could all learn from and asking them to lead workshops. This helps me make a connection while also lifting someone up in my community and introducing their expertise to others. How cool would it be to pay it forward and create a whole line of people hosting workshops and inviting brilliant creatives to share their knowledge? Plus, who doesn't want to attend a workshop on styling Instagram shots, creating an editorial calendar, or writing more engaging content? It's a win for everyone!

03. One-on-one | The number one way I have gotten to know my local bloggers and makers is through one-on-one dates. Is there someone who inspires you that you've always wanted to talk to? Send her an email. Is there someone you follow who you think you'd just be the best of friends with if only you met offline? Leave an Instagram comment proposing brunch (who says no to brunch?). Or, did you meet someone at a workshop or co-working event that you'd like to get to know better? Set a date to meet for drinks one night to really have a chance to talk.

We have all of these social media platforms constantly at our fingertips, so let's use them to get offline and connect in person! Don't wait for the next networking event to meet someone new, especially if mixers are more stressful than satisfying.

Still working on finding consistency in your creativity? Check out my 5 tips for maintaining a creative life!

3 low-stress ways to connect with creatives offline

Austin fashion blog floralmidiskirt4 floralmidiskirt1 floralmidiskirt6 floralmidiskirt5 floralmidiskirt7
blouse: Forever 21 // skirt: Anthropologie via eBay (similar) // sandals: Steve Madden (similar) // necklace: Apricot Lane Boutique (similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Last week I was co-working over coffee and hot chocolate at Caffe Medici with some local babes when someone asked how I would describe my style. I sighed, like, way too deeply and made a bunch of cringing noises. She clearly looked confused because I had just been talking about being a style blogger and how important personal style is to me, etc...and then I couldn't even describe what my style is. It's probably the most embarrassed I've felt in months weeks.

For a long time I described my style as a balance between hipster preppy and preppy hipster. I shopped the sale section at J.Crew and mixed in thrifted pieces I found around Austin. I wore lots of blazers, collared shirts, Keds, and floral vintage dresses, and my main style inspirations were Blair Waldorf and Jess from New Girl. This post-college but not-yet-full-time wardrobe was perfect for my handful of part-time jobs and being an early twenty-something, but obviously wasn't sustainable as my lifestyle changed.

With all of my recent closet shifting and style introspection, I guess it's really not unreasonable for me to lack a concise style description. However, the coffee shop incident made me really think this weekend about my style and how to put it into words. Ultimately, I decided on playfully classic, which I think hits the nail on the head. I'm a modern girl who loves modest silhouettes and timeless pieces, but I'm also committed to color and I've never met a floral print or polka dot I didn't like.

All of that said, I feel like this outfit is a terrific example of my playfully classic style. A feminine midi skirt in a colorful print? A breezy blouse in a plucky color with a unique detail? Ankle strap flats with a little something extra? Nailed it.

P.S. If you didn't notice, writes like a girl got a little facelift over the weekend! Let me know what you think!

playfully classic


We made it to Friday and I couldn't be happier! Weekends in the summer are the best because I can balance taking fun adventures with lots of naps. Also eating. So much eating. Is it weird that I'm already thinking about what I'm going to eat this weekend? Don't answer that. Instead, check out these links I love!

♥ In case you haven't seen enough of me this week, Briley shared some awesome film pics she took during our pool outing a couple of weekends ago. Girl is crazy talented and I never mind being her subject.

♥ Being open about anxiety helps to lessen the stigma around it and to create a sense of support among people who experience it. I so appreciated The Bloggess writing about the extreme panic she felt in sending her daughter off to sleep-away camp for the first time, and the "inner warrior" she's channeling to combat her anxiety.

♥ A really great editorial on women's sports and why we should stop asking if people care -- because they do.

♥ Such an interesting look at the search terms we Google and, more fascinatingly, when we Google them.

♥ *Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault* I think this Vulture article about the portrayal of rape in Orange is the New Black versus the depiction in other popular media is so spot on. I highly recommend reading it if you feel up to it.

♥ I've been getting the decorating itch lately and Olivia's new home office space is d i v i n e.

♥ I have followed Bri forever and her latest project Nice & Quiet shows a more intimate side. I really enjoyed reading what she had to say this week about values, actions, and depression.

♥ I may look at weddings all day, every day, but Chelsea's wedding anniversary post still made me weepy. SO SWEET.

♥ Not buying clothes this month is hard. Not that I'm not stoked about the clothes I have, just that there are so many pretty things that also go with the things I have! I'm eyeing these cute espadrille flats, this funky midi skirt, this classic hat recommended by April, these adorable cactus shorts, and these fabulous I-definitely-don't-need-these statement earrings.

What links did you love from around the web this week? Tell me your weekend plans!

link love


I'm pleased as punch to have been a guest blogger on Rachel Lately this week while she explores Rhode Island. She's one of the first Austin bloggers I started following and it's been so cool to see how our blogs have grown over the years! I share a cute outfit inside of my favorite candy shop in Austin where I finally tried the renowned cucumber soda. Click through to see cute pics by Chelsea and to find out if the soda is as good as everyone says. (And be sure to check out the other guest bloggers too -- so many cuties!)

featured | rachel lately

When I made my small goals for this month, I said I wasn't shopping for clothes, but bags were a greenlight. I shared my cognac work bag wishlist last week, so this week is all about my other major bag need: itty-bitty crossbody bags. I don't purchase or own a lot of bags, but over the years I've been downsizing my everyday purses smaller and smaller. Lately I've been reaching for a tiny purse to take to the park, walking down SoCo, or out for night on the town (i.e. breakfast for dinner at my favorite 24 hour diner).

Here are a few of the bags I've had my eye on...

on my list itty bitty crossbody bags
one // two // three // four // five

To be perfectly honest here, I started this post before I purchased the loveliest little vintage Coach bag. So...I actually found and bought an itty-bitty crossbody bag, BUT I know I'm not the only one with this item on their wishlist. I feel like each of these bags has a little something different for gals with different styles: the Crescent Shape Crossbody bag is so classic and looks like one of those bags that would last for years; the Camel Crossbody bag is a little preppy; the '70s Saddle Crossbody bag would be perfect for a day of shopping at flea market; the Adelaide Crossbody bag has super boho vibes; and the Mineral Leather Crossbody bag is the quintessential festival purse.

So, what are you looking for in an itty-bitty crossbody bag? What's on your list this week?

on my list | itty-bitty crossbody bags

justpeachy2 justpeachy1 justpeachy6 justpeachy4 justpeachy7
dress: Forever 21 // necklace: The Land of Salt // sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

The way I see it, yesterday's outfit is my extroverted side, and today is all introvert. A subtle color in an intricate texture and a demure length. I love that this dress makes me feel like I'm embracing my quieter side. There's a power in quiet -- people have to listen more closely when you're quiet and your words can often carry more weight. Quiet isn't silent; it isn't censored. It's about being intentional and deliberate. Putting this dress on makes me feel powerful, but without having to tell anyone about it.

When I first saw this dress on the Forever 21 website, I passed it by because I thought the color wouldn't look very good on me. Then I went on a shopping spree and decided to try it on because a midi dress was on my list anyway. I'm so glad I did because I actually think it's my favorite article of clothing I purchased in June! The peach shade is warm enough that it picks up the pink tones in my skin instead of clashing with them and the result is 100% romantic.

So now I just need 15 more dresses in this length, right? What outfits make you feel powerful?

pale peach

sixtiesvibes1 sixtiesvibes2 sixtiesvibes7 sixtiesvibes5 sixtiesvibes4 sixtiesvibes8 sixtiesvibes9
dress: Forever 21 // shoes: Old Navy (this season's sassy version) // sunglasses: c/o TOMS

I've long been fond of mid-century silhouettes (a couple of examples here and here), and if there is one fashion era I would choose to dress in for the rest of my days, I will always go with the '60s. Give me the closets of Twiggy, Audrey, and Bridget, please! The sweet potato orange, pea green, and mustard yellow color palette complements my complexion, and I just can't say no to an A-line mini dress.

I mentioned in my June shopping post that I picked this dress up at Forever 21 after rekindling my love affair with '60s styles and focusing on introducing more vintage and vintage-inspired pieces into my closet. I'm a fan of collared dresses (see another favorite worn here), and this floral print and swingy smock style are perfect for summer.

In other news, these are pretty much my new favorite photos. In case you didn't know, Chelsea is in the business of making people look cool.

sixties vibes

fourthofjuly1 fourthofjuly2 fourthofjuly4 fourthofjuly3
dress: Old Navy // shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

After last year's layered look for the office and 2013's casual boho ensemb', I wanted to wear something simple for my chill 4th of July weekend. A lightweight dress in the most patriotic blue I've ever seen, my favorite sandals, and a trusty red bandana.

I wanted a fun accessory for this outfit, but I was having trouble deciding. At first I wanted to bring along a fun popsicle in a bold cherry red, but I thought it would be too melty (and, as someone pointed out, also phallic). Then I thought watermelon would be fun, especially since I so deeply associate it with celebrating the 4th, but that seemed like a messy photoshoot. So, I ended up with a couple of bright sunflowers. Are sunflowers synonymous with America? I don't know. Do they look freaking adorable in these photos? You betcha!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend with friends and family!

P.S. Can we take a second to note that this is my first time getting a 4th of July post out on the actual day? Now that's a reason to celebrate! ;)

happy 4th


Things that make me happy: finding out that your 5 day week is actually a 4 day week, and therefore my 2 day weekend is actually a 3 day weekend. This is the kind of math I can get into, people! To celebrate having today off (yippee!), I've got a bunch of extra-special links from around the web to share with you today.

♥ I'm so excited about marriage equality across all 50 states. This is huge. However, the LGBT community is far from seeing equality in this country. Here are ten issues that matter way more than marriage equality.

♥ The most important thing you will read this week: questions to ask before giving up. I think this should be required reading for all humans and should be posted in all buildings everywhere. It's that good.

♥ And the second most, but only barely: 12 intuitive eating myths. I highly recommend reading every slide -- I got so much out of this, y'all. One of the things that resonated with me the most is the comparison between intuitive eating as an adult and simply just eating as a kid.

♥ This Vine combines my two favorite things: chubby animals and Phil Collins.

♥ And when more of my favorite things combine: Rachel Lately guest posted on Selective Potential this week and my heart grew at least three sizes. Check it out to see a bunch of my favorite spots along South Congress and the cutest sunflower shorts ever.

♥ I love when other people share their monthly small goals! Chelsea's July goals are fantastic, and I'm so excited that she's going to start blogging all the time! Be sure to follow along.

♥ Is it weird that 2 two-year-olds are my current style icons?

♥ This outfit is all I want to wear for the rest of forever (except with flats, of course).

 The wedding I blogged this week that made me smile the most.

♥ A little red, white, and blue wishlist for the 4th: this perfect striped shirt, this white midi skirt (on sale!), this pretty laser-cut blouse (also on sale!), the hat my weekends always beg for, and a cherry lip to top it all off (has anyone tried Sugar? I hear so many women swear by it and it looks like the perfect amount of pigment!).

Share your favorite links in the comments -- I have a long weekend and lots of time to read!

link love

Raise your hand if you've ever said to yourself "I would love to find a bag like the Madewell Transporter Tote with more structure and for less money." If you're not raising your hand right now, you've probably never seen said Madewell tote, so I'll forgive you. It has become the epitome of Cognac Work Bag for women of a certain age, and while many who own the bag seem totally pleased with their purchase, there are also those of us who want something more...for less.

I have had my work bag since my junior year of college. It's orange and cream and it's from Forever 21. I've loved this bag, but the pleather handle is awfully shredded and the cream is gross and stained. Needless to say, it's time for a new bag. Here are a few I have my eye on...

on my list cognac work bags

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

There are so many shades of cognac and it's so hard to choose! I know I want gold hardware and I know it needs to fit my laptop. It also needs to not cost an arm and a leg. If I'm being honest, the J.Crew Downing Tote is my dream bag, but not my dream price. Do I go for the Merona tote because it's under $30 or splurge a little for something that will last me longer like the Fossil Sydney Tote or the Liz Claiborne Tuxedo Tote (which is on fantastic sale right now!)? Is Liz Claiborne one of those brands no one wants to be seen toting around (pun not intended) and I just don't know it? Someone tell me what to do -- when it comes to bags, I'm clueless!

What's on your list this week?

on my list | cognac work bags

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