3 ways to get more out of your weekend

3 ways to get more out of your weekend

I know I'm not the only one who has gone to bed Sunday night thinking "where the heck did my weekend go?". We've all been there -- Monday morning comes too soon and you find yourself recounting every minute of your weekend, wondering where it all went wrong.

Whether you spend your days off at the lake, on the couch, or in a coffee shop, there are a few things you can do to get more out of your weekend. While I may not be a perfect weekend warrior every Saturday and Sunday, here are my current initiatives for getting the most out of my days off.

1. Don't go straight home after work on Friday. | For the longest time, I wouldn't make plans on Fridays because it was my evening to hang out with Dago after a long week of work and being a social butterfly. We always meant to go out to dinner or go to the park, but every week we found ourselves sitting on the couch eating fast food or ice cream, him playing FIFA and me catching up on blogs. 

Then, on a random Friday in April, I decided to do a little shopping on Friday before going home. When Monday rolled around, I felt like I'd really spent time on myself over the weekend and was ready to take on the week. The following Friday, I made a pizza date with a girlfriend, and again Monday was a piece of cake. Regardless of what I did on Saturday or Sunday, I had fulfilling weekend time on Friday and that made all the difference. Now, I do at least a little something every Friday between work and going home, that way my weekend starts as soon as I leave the office instead of waiting until I wake up Saturday morning.

2. Unplug -- but really. | Like most people, I struggle with not checking my email every time I get a notification on my phone, which can lead to working even when you're supposed to be weekending. Even just being on Twitter or Instagram keeps my focus on the same tiny screen I look at all week, instead of on the world around me where I actually have the time and energy to explore.

I'm not saying leave your phone at home for the whole weekend, but if you're really putting your energy into whatever you do for the weekend -- hiking in the woods or adventuring in a new part of town -- it won't be a big deal to leave your phone in your bag for an hour or two without checking for Instagram likes or retweets. Part of the goal here is to go out and do something with your weekend that's exciting and engaging enough to not need your phone as a distraction.

3. Have a Sunday night routine. | This is the part where I, the blogger, reminds you that I'm not perfect. I don't yet have an awesome Sunday routine that I do every single week, but I'm working on it because the Sundays where I do participate in a routine make Monday mornings so much easier.

So far, my routine looks like this: plan out my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday blog posts and start drafts in Blogger; eat dinner; attempt to watch True Detective but blog instead because it's boring; finish up Monday's post and get Tuesday or Wednesday's started about the time Dago goes to bed at 9:30; think about what I have going on the coming week and what outfits those commitments will require, and then decide what I'm wearing Monday and make sure that's clean/not wrinkly; read a little before bed; scroll through the Explore section of Instagram until I fall asleep.

While this probably doesn't sound like the routine you were expecting -- a hot bath, no screen time, meal planning, yoga before bed --  it's what I do every Sunday and it helps me prepare for the week ahead. If I stay out too late on Sunday, these things don't get done, and then Monday sneaks up on me and the whole week is out of whack.

So that's how I've been getting more out of my weekends. What helps make your Mondays a little easier?

P.S. Interested in more insight into getting a hold on things? Check out my post on making balance!


  1. I think all your recommendations here are spot on, and all things I (and C) have started doing on our weekends. Friday nights we always make dinner plans with friends & spend that time unwinding with good company & good food. We tend to keep to ourselves on Saturdays & Sundays (that's us time, in a way), so we really strive to be social on Friday nights -- and try new things, too.

    I have started stepping away from the Internet on Saturdays because it is so easy to spend a day doing nothing but scrolling through social media feeds; it's relaxing enough, but doesn't help me feel rested or energized at all. I read a lot on my phone, too, which I try to do less of on the weekends because it still *feels* like I'm attached to a screen.

    On Sunday nights, our routine is cleaning & organizing. Both C & I feel totally overwhelmed on Monday mornings if we're hunting around for the things we need, or the kitchen is a mess as we're both trying to pour coffee & eat breakfast & pack lunches. So, on Sunday nights, we tidy up the house together, putting things back where they belong, and then he cleans the kitchen while I pack lunches & make sure the laundry is not only clean but put away. It both clears our living space & gives us time to chat about our weekend, talk about our upcoming weeks -- both at work & at home -- and it's really relaxing. We both feel like we're ready for Monday when we finally get into bed & inevitably put on Archer.

  2. THIS! Great post! I've been feeling like it's always the weekend because time flies, but also that the weekend always goes too quickly. It's really all about finding that balance between maxin' relaxin' and making the most of those couple days, which isn't easy to do! What you said about a Sunday routine is spot on- I at least try to have my room picked up and clothes put away, but it really just depends on what I have going on that day. I want to commit to more of a solid routine though, I know that will set me up for a great week, instead of hitting the ground running!!

    I am always impressed with what you find to blog about, it is always so incredibly relevant to me, and fresh content I don't find anywhere else! Thanks Nicole! Hope you have a fabulous week xo

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. I'm so with you on the Fridays thing. My weekends are for relaxing, but I've pushed my true life detox time to Sunday afternoons. I have the privilege of only working half days on Fridays, so now I meet with my personal trainer, get a run in, do a little grocery shopping to get us til Tuesday, and finish up what didn't get done on the lunch breaks during the week and get ahead a bit. It makes my Saturday mornings a little more relaxed. Also, I've quit sleeping in to ridiculous times. If I did something special that kept me out, fine sleep a little late. But if I'm just tired from the week, I get up anyway. While I do give myself an extra hour to recharge, I'm out of bed and working on something by 8:30 at the latest. This past weekend was technically my second trying this new routine, but I think it's going to be a new habit for sure. I love how easy this Monday has felt.

  4. I love the not going home right away tip! Since I tend to be a bit of a homebody, having even small plans after work is such a great idea, plus it gives you something to look forward to! I have definitely found that Friday evenings tend to disappear and make the weekend feel shorter. Mind=blown.

    Having a strong Sunday has always been important to me. I like to tidy up around the house and get laundry done and do something fun with Olive so I feel like less of a bad dog mama the rest of the week. I also feel so much better when I've done some grocery shopping, meal planning, and/or meal prep for the week, but I've gotten out of that habit lately!

  5. Girrrrllll, I agree with all these tips. I work from home so when Friday rolls around my Husbear comes straight home and we typically just stay in. I do like to have a "calm day" for my Sunday routine though... I tend to putz around and then eat Dinner early and go to bed. I've been going out more lately... which is totally unlike me but I'm trying new things and trying to "get out there" more and socialize. I can totally get down with the idea of taking Friday to look around and maybe go shopping and have a little "me time". I could totally do that....

  6. These tips are awesome. I love the not going home right away tip! It's lovely to go out and spend time with people and not go straight from work-bed-bed-work etc!

    alicegibbs.blogspot.co.uk xx


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