happy 4th

fourthofjuly1 fourthofjuly2 fourthofjuly4 fourthofjuly3
dress: Old Navy // shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

After last year's layered look for the office and 2013's casual boho ensemb', I wanted to wear something simple for my chill 4th of July weekend. A lightweight dress in the most patriotic blue I've ever seen, my favorite sandals, and a trusty red bandana.

I wanted a fun accessory for this outfit, but I was having trouble deciding. At first I wanted to bring along a fun popsicle in a bold cherry red, but I thought it would be too melty (and, as someone pointed out, also phallic). Then I thought watermelon would be fun, especially since I so deeply associate it with celebrating the 4th, but that seemed like a messy photoshoot. So, I ended up with a couple of bright sunflowers. Are sunflowers synonymous with America? I don't know. Do they look freaking adorable in these photos? You betcha!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend with friends and family!

P.S. Can we take a second to note that this is my first time getting a 4th of July post out on the actual day? Now that's a reason to celebrate! ;)


  1. I did a very similar simple dress and flats outfit this year! I think the sunflowers are a nice touch. I associate watermelon with the 4th too, but I could definitely see that going sideways for a photo shoot. Happy Independence Day!

  2. ha! wore the same dress for my 4th of july :) comfy, right? love the sunflowers!

  3. You see. This is why I love blogging. Because you can look up to see exactly what you did in the past. That's half the reason I blog sometimes. "Oh, I'll need to be able to google this later."


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