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We made it to Friday and I couldn't be happier! Weekends in the summer are the best because I can balance taking fun adventures with lots of naps. Also eating. So much eating. Is it weird that I'm already thinking about what I'm going to eat this weekend? Don't answer that. Instead, check out these links I love!

♥ In case you haven't seen enough of me this week, Briley shared some awesome film pics she took during our pool outing a couple of weekends ago. Girl is crazy talented and I never mind being her subject.

♥ Being open about anxiety helps to lessen the stigma around it and to create a sense of support among people who experience it. I so appreciated The Bloggess writing about the extreme panic she felt in sending her daughter off to sleep-away camp for the first time, and the "inner warrior" she's channeling to combat her anxiety.

♥ A really great editorial on women's sports and why we should stop asking if people care -- because they do.

♥ Such an interesting look at the search terms we Google and, more fascinatingly, when we Google them.

♥ *Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault* I think this Vulture article about the portrayal of rape in Orange is the New Black versus the depiction in other popular media is so spot on. I highly recommend reading it if you feel up to it.

♥ I've been getting the decorating itch lately and Olivia's new home office space is d i v i n e.

♥ I have followed Bri forever and her latest project Nice & Quiet shows a more intimate side. I really enjoyed reading what she had to say this week about values, actions, and depression.

♥ I may look at weddings all day, every day, but Chelsea's wedding anniversary post still made me weepy. SO SWEET.

♥ Not buying clothes this month is hard. Not that I'm not stoked about the clothes I have, just that there are so many pretty things that also go with the things I have! I'm eyeing these cute espadrille flats, this funky midi skirt, this classic hat recommended by April, these adorable cactus shorts, and these fabulous I-definitely-don't-need-these statement earrings.

What links did you love from around the web this week? Tell me your weekend plans!


  1. I am having a very, very hard time not ordering these shoes right this second:

  2. ack Lucky Brand shoes are my weakness and those are literally the perfect booties. mmmm I might need them in Toffee.

  3. I know I'm going to end up ordering them. They are just too perfect.

  4. I love the re-design! Lovely links as always. That home office space is to die for!


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