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After an especially long week, I'm really glad it's Friday. Actually, it's been so long that I thought I skipped a link love post last week (I didn't) because it felt that long ago.  Anyway, here are some links because I'm sure you need a distraction from responding to emails (I know I do!).

♥ Fran brought back the best series of all time: Fran vs. Fur. Who wore it better?

♥ You know that thing that you're feeling a little down about? Maybe you're doubting yourself or thinking of giving up? This girl has a few words for you.

♥ And if that didn't work, try this.

♥ My dear sister-friend Katie was a guest on Breakfast for Dinner this week! We talk about our personal mascots, social media rankings, Minions, and more.

♥ My three favorite outfits this week came from April, Kimi, and Rachel.

♥ Chrystina's investigation of her resting bitch face had me cackling in bed next to a sleeping Dago.

♥ One of my 26 before 26 goals is to keep some plants alive, and Natalia's little house tour inspired me to go big (this way I'll see it and remember to water it!).

♥ If you're not already following The Nectar Collective, you should be. Her advice is truly, actually, really helpful. Over the weekend I (finally) created a media kit for this here blog using her tips, as well as a few from Mattieologie.

♥ A wishlist of things I like but am hesitant to try: this delicate tunic (are we wearing those now?), this punchy off-the-shoulder dress (trend of the summer or when will it end -- you tell me!), this grey Panama hat (do real people wear hats, or just bloggers?), and these fierce little ear jackets (who knew my earlobes were cold? not me!).

What's on your plate this weekend? Share your favorite links of the week in the comments!


  1. Thanks bebe! I also really liked April's outfit, her top is so cool! I'm gonna check out those media kit tips now! :D

  2. haha I hung out with her last night and we talked about how long we've both been following you! killin' the game!

  3. Im glad I inspired you to be a plant lady like me hahaha. Let me tell you they all would die i dont know what i did. Some research and love has keep them alive! Im good with suculents and cactus and house plants because they dont need as much attention and watering. I water them once a week and cactus and suculents not much water. I should share how i take care of my plants on my blog soon! Love ya! <3

  4. "Do real people wear hats, or just bloggers?" Lolol. I think that about so many things!

  5. Loved this! Particularly the 'resting bitch face' link.... 100% my life! x

  6. Yes Rachel! Come hang out with us :) And thanks for ze love Nicole!

  7. Oh my gosh, those dessert pictures just fulfilled my life. I can die happy now. Like I don't even think I need to eat it, I think seeing it was enough.

  8. Oh! And I was going to say, earring jackets are actually pieces that are intended to slide onto other earrings, usually studs, to give them a bigger look. It's kind of an old-timey thing, but women would often do it to transition everyday diamond studs to more of an evening look. So in that link, the bottom hanging piece is the actual jacket, though it looks like the post is included as well.

  9. haha, i see that my sarcasm didn't translate >.<

  10. Ah, thanks so much for the link love, lady! <3 Definitely need those media kit tips--thanks for sharing!

    xo Kimi


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