on my list | little leather backpacks

Continuing with my search for bags this month (see here and here), I'm suddenly dreaming of little leather backpacks to swing over my shoulder for day trips and casual outings. Do I need a tiny backpack? Definitely not. Would I look really, really cute with one? Absolutely.

Here are a few that are on my window shopping list this month that you should totally add to yours too:

on my list little leather backpacks
one // two // three // four // five // six

I'm having trouble deciding if I would want a black or cognac backpack, or something totally different. Most of my bags are cognac and I've always been attracted to the color. My current mini backpack (if you remember) is red canvas, which is super fun but not necessarily versatile (which begs the question 'how versatile does a tiny backpack need to be?'). All of that said, I think I'm leaning towards black. It's classic, it's sexy (yet, backpacks can be sexy), it's edgy, and it's easy. I especially like the Galian black backpack and the black version of the Loeffler Randal Couio mini backpack. Perfect for bringing just a few items to Tuesday co-working (less distractions!) or going out to a bar for the night and ditching my traditional crossbody purse.

What's on your list this week?


  1. I'm such a sucker for anything pink, so the pink backpack totally caught my eye. It's so bright and pretty! However, I think a black backpack would be more versatile. It would transition well into the fall and winter months.

  2. Cognac is the color of my life! But seriously ALL the accessories cognac!!

  3. I think black is a good way to go. It makes the backpack feel a little more sophisticated, plus it doesn't hurt that it goes with absolutely everything. I've felt pulled toward a little backpack a couple of times, but I've never actually purchased one. I love the shape of 6!

  4. Yaaaasssss! These are so great especially in the Summer heat and you're just walking around town and at Festival's etc... I love #5 and #4. I've been eyeing some at Target but haven't fully commited yet.

  5. Florentina ScusiJuly 24, 2015 at 4:28 AM

    Backpack is on my wishlist at least one year and I still do not find the best one! Great selection! My fave is number one!

  6. Oh goody! I'll be needing a backpack soon, so this is perfect!


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