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dress: Forever 21 // necklace: The Land of Salt // sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

The way I see it, yesterday's outfit is my extroverted side, and today is all introvert. A subtle color in an intricate texture and a demure length. I love that this dress makes me feel like I'm embracing my quieter side. There's a power in quiet -- people have to listen more closely when you're quiet and your words can often carry more weight. Quiet isn't silent; it isn't censored. It's about being intentional and deliberate. Putting this dress on makes me feel powerful, but without having to tell anyone about it.

When I first saw this dress on the Forever 21 website, I passed it by because I thought the color wouldn't look very good on me. Then I went on a shopping spree and decided to try it on because a midi dress was on my list anyway. I'm so glad I did because I actually think it's my favorite article of clothing I purchased in June! The peach shade is warm enough that it picks up the pink tones in my skin instead of clashing with them and the result is 100% romantic.

So now I just need 15 more dresses in this length, right? What outfits make you feel powerful?


  1. You always find the best photo locations! I don't know how you do it in this Austin heat and manage to stay king good and cool as a cucumber! I love this color on you... it's super flattering and you look like peaches and creme!

  2. This dress is a lovely color on you! I love peach too!

  3. This color looks so fantastic on you!

  4. I think this dress looks wonderful on you!! The color is perfect!

  5. You are so good at finding the perfect backgrounds for your photos. I love these photos and, like people are saying, this color is really fantastic on you. I'm so with you on embracing your quieter side. It's hard to remind myself that it's not "silent" and that it's about being intentional.

  6. What a gorgeous dress! The color reminds me of terra cotta and adobe - earthy and subtle. You have the height to pull off a midi beautifully, too (I"m envious since I'm 5 feet tall!)
    You're right, quiet can be powerful. Not sure whether you've read Susan Cain's book on introverts, but she titled it "Quiet." I found it really interesting.

  7. This dress is certainly gorgeous, and it looks perfect with the sandals.

  8. Yes yes and yes! I am catching up on blogs but I love how you are comparing outfits to different capacities of your personality!! Love love love!

  9. Florentina ScusiJuly 8, 2015 at 4:44 PM

    Such a lovely dress!! Looks really great!

  10. I love this color and style on you! And honestly, that dress looks like a lot of stuff Ann Taylor and other pricier clothing stores are carrying, so you got it at a great price point.

  11. I absolutely love the color and lace in this dress!

    Autumn @ Stay gold Autumn


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