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dress: Forever 21 // shoes: Old Navy (this season's sassy version) // sunglasses: c/o TOMS

I've long been fond of mid-century silhouettes (a couple of examples here and here), and if there is one fashion era I would choose to dress in for the rest of my days, I will always go with the '60s. Give me the closets of Twiggy, Audrey, and Bridget, please! The sweet potato orange, pea green, and mustard yellow color palette complements my complexion, and I just can't say no to an A-line mini dress.

I mentioned in my June shopping post that I picked this dress up at Forever 21 after rekindling my love affair with '60s styles and focusing on introducing more vintage and vintage-inspired pieces into my closet. I'm a fan of collared dresses (see another favorite worn here), and this floral print and swingy smock style are perfect for summer.

In other news, these are pretty much my new favorite photos. In case you didn't know, Chelsea is in the business of making people look cool.


  1. girllllllll. Love everything about this! You look fantastic, legs for days. I'm with you here- I love dresses that fit like this, and this totally has a sweet vintage feel. Nice find! This background is perfect too. You always have the best ones! Happy Monday!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. I just watched The Brady Bunch Movie and you look like you just jumped straight out of it. I love it! So fresh and definitely 100% you. I love how happy you are in these pictures.

  3. That dress is like the epitome of all of the things you seem to love: smock style, 60s, floral, warm shades, collar, and length. I love it when that happens! I think the next time I try outfit photos, I might hire Chelsea instead of doing them myself. I'm sure they'll turn out so much better!

  4. I love these shoes! You look great.

  5. If I had to distill you and your personality down into one outfit, I think it might be this one. You look SO CUTE and so happy and so comfortable, and I love it.

  6. Cute pictures! Love the outfit, the vibe, the hotel backdrop!

  7. I 100% agree with everything Kaity said. This is SO you, and this pictures are just stunning. Love, love, love!

    xo Kimi

  8. Hey Nicole!
    Have been lurking on your blog for a bit now. I really admire how you can make such cute poses for photos. I just have no self confidence at all and would love to branch into outfit posts like this!

    Also, not only is your dress very pretty, but dem shoes!!

  9. I saw this post on FB and was like Gah! I want this dress... I love the cut and design and color. I love it all. I'm a big fan of baby doll shaped dresses! You look great!

  10. I just want to echo Chelsea's statement: you are impossibly cool.


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