stripes and slip-ons

striped smock dress pink slip ons1 striped smock dress pink slip ons4 striped smock dress pink slip ons3 striped smock dress pink slip ons6 striped smock dress pink slip ons2 striped smock dress pink slip ons5 striped smock dress pink slip ons7 dress: Old Navy (similar one and two) // shoes: LOFT (on sale!) // necklace: DIY // earrings: c/o Limbo Jewelry // ring: c/o Limbo Jewelry 

Once a week, we have an early morning meeting at work with the owner of our company. It used to be at 7 AM, but has recently been pushed to 7:30 because we're slightly more awake and therefore slightly more productive at that time. Nearly every week, I wake up on Early Morning Meeting Day and sigh "I just cannot with pants today." I then proceed to put on the outfit that requires the maximum amount of comfort, the least amount of physical contact, while also not being pajamas: my striped Old Navy smock dress and my pink LOFT slip-ons. At this point, I think my boss just assumes I only have one outfit because this is the only thing I ever wear when we see him!

I wasn't really sure if this outfit was ~bloggable~ mostly because I wasn't sure if it was actually flattering having put it on at 7 in the morning every time I've worn it. Thankfully, Chelsea told me I looked cute and now here we are! Another way to wear that dress you almost definitely own (because everyone does)!

What do you reach for when you just can't be bothered with clothes?

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