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I know I say this a lot of weeks (because Fridays always come at the end of the week and, whether it was good or bad, it was probably too long) but this was an especially long and especially difficult week for me. It was one of those weeks that was hard for no reason, where I tried really hard to not sob at my desk, and where I may have spent at least one lunch break shopping at Old Navy and/or buying a milkshake and fried cheese curds at Culver's. I was, as they say, a week. But, thankfully, we have a three-day-weekend ahead and I plan to do as little as possible. I need a break and this weekend couldn't have come at a better time!

You know what else couldn't have come at a better time? These links. Thank goodness for the Internet during weeks like this, you know?

♥ Dago sent me these pit bull brothers and I almost cried at my desk -- but out of happiness this time!

♥ You know how all those girls you knew in high school are posting their engagement sessions? My high school friend had the BEST ENGAGEMENT SESSION EVER.

♥ This is a thing that is happening less than half-an-hour away from me. God bless Texas, y'all.

♥ I'm so glad there is finally a word for my favorite genre of television: sadcom.

♥ Obsessssssed with Rachel's late-summer outfit. As she says, every girl remembers her first Anthro purchase! Considering this as my next one.

Speaking of great outfits, I want to wear a version of Priya's sassy work outfit like tomorrow (er...Monday?).

♥ All the canary yellow all year, please.

♥ If you didn't get a vacation this summer, or that vacation wasn't in beautiful Santorini, you deserve a peek into April's summer travel adventures.

♥ A few transitional pieces on my wishlist: this unique gold jewelry, this lightweight trapeze sweater, these 3/4 length sleeved dresses, these stacked ankle booties, these grey jeans, and this plaid and striped scarf.

Just a few more hours to the weekend, babes. We can do this. And, if not, those cute shoes are still waiting for you at Old Navy on your lunch break, so go get 'em, tiger.

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