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We made it to another Friday! This time next week, I'll be lounging in the desert in West Texas, Beyoncé style. Until then, I've been simultaneously giggling and weeping at your comments on my post from earlier this week. So many of you shared your stories about bras, boobs, and body image, and I can't possibly express how much I appreciate your support and Sisterhood.

To show my gratitude, here are a few links I'm loving from this week!

♥ This week happened to be National Suicide Prevention week. Mental health is something I have written about some on the blog, but is something that affects me every day through depression and anxiety. Whether you struggle with your own mental health issues, or support someone in your life who does, know that you are home.

♥ On the topic of bras and breasts, I couldn't agree with Sara more about needing a bra revolution.

♥ Okay, we need to talk about a certain fall trend that is taking over retail this season. This early '00s take on '70s fashion redeux is not cute y'all. Wide leg denim, suede skirts, and a little extra fringe here an there? Totally. Into it, even. The tacky-ass patch work and unflattering peasant tops? No. Ankle flares? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just say no to bad '00s-verion-of-'70s-inspired fashion, y'all.

♥ On the other hand, this denim on denim outfit is just so very, as they say.

♥ Feeling old? No? You're about to.

♥ I have always loved and identified with Anne Hathaway, and this profile reaffirms my adoration for her brand of cool.

♥ Another perfect article from my favorite Buzzfeed babe.

♥ I have a confession to make: I change in my car when I shoot outfit photos. Loved Mattie admitting she does the same in this post about how to shoot 5 outfit posts a week.

♥ Looking for a few truly female positive songs to add to your playlist? Love all of these (especially Little Mix, Mary and Hailee!)

♥ Need something awesome to wear to work on Monday? Adina has you covered with her August capsule recap. Outfits 4, 13, and especially 15 are my favorites!

♥ A cozy weekend-inspired wishlist: this perfect patterned sweater, these incredibly soft-looking tall socks, these matched pj sets, an effortless flannel shirt, and these grab-and-go wristlets.

What are you up to this weekend? Share your favorite links in the comments!

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