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floppy hat floral scarf1 floppy hat floral scarf2 floppy hat floral scarf3 floppy hat floral scarf4 floppy hat floral scarf5 floppy hat floral scarf6 floppy hat floral scarf7 floppy hat floral scarf8 floppy hat floral scarf9 floppy hat floral scarf10
dress: Old Navy // scarf: thrifted (similar) // hat: Francesca's (similar) // shoes: Steve Madden (similar) // purse: vintage Coach via Prototype Vintage

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

In case you wondered if I travel in style, I do. But also comfort! This dress is just a glorified nightgown, the scarf is for my always-freezing arms, and the floppy hat is perfect for backseat naps in the Tahoe. And when we roll up to the gas station, I look like a Palm Springs movie star instead of a crumb-covered sweater ball. It's all in the styling, my dears!

After we arrived at El Cosmico, we laid around for a bit in our safari tent before heading off to dinner. Chelsea graciously snapped a few outfit photos for me among the yurts and teepees, and damn she nailed it, y'all. I was all "let me show them how my scarf can double as a faux-kimono" and she was all "wait, hold it there in the wind while I take the coolest photos ever." I'm a lucky girl to have such wonderful, talented friends. Also to have this scarf, which I'm obsessed with and you should expect to see a lot, a lot.

Have you thrifted anything lately you can't get enough of? What's your go-to travel look?

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