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Some weeks call for impromptu mental health days that take you on a car ride to a town-wide flea market full of magic and junk. Well, maybe not some weeks, but this week did anyway. Shout out to Round Top, TX and this slice of buttermilk pie for getting me to Friday to write this post. It's the little things, you know?

Speaking of little things, here are some little gems from around the Internet this week:

♥ I'mma let you finish, but Jen had the best blog post about attitude and gratitude of all time this week and I've read it too many times and I'm so excited to share it with you because it's important.

♥ ICYMI: I ran a giveaway on Instagram earlier this week for a sweet Austin doodle mug. The giveaway is over, but Signet Sealed's shop has lot more hand-lettered pretties you should check out!

♥ ICYMI Pt. 2: Do you know that I have a podcast? Well, I've had one with my boyfriend Dago for two years now and, to celebrate the show's second anniversary, we recorded a special Emmys-themed year-in-review episode called the 2015 Dinnies! It's a great show that I'm really proud of, and you should probably tune in. ;)

♥ Speaking of checking out local goodies, have you Austin ladies heard of Lady ATX Mag yet? They just launched and they're already killing it with the content, plus I may have an upcoming feature or two! ;)

♥ I've never been inside of a Lululemon, but this is the craziest story I've ready in a while.

♥ Any obscure television list that includes State of Grace is valid in my heart. I also appreciated the Angela Anaconda reference, because I had in fact forgotten about the highly underrated show. However, this list would benefit from the addition of As Told By Ginger.

♥ Queen Demi slays again.

♥ Love these tip for packing a lunch at work. Keeping a loaf of bread at work was life-changing for me, for real.

♥ After quite a bit of shopping in September, I'm hoping to not go crazy in October. That said, here are a few wishlist items: something in plaidsomething in mustard, something in cashmere, something with a little sparkle, and something in leopard.

P.S. I'll be sharing my October goals on Monday, so get your post ready to linkup!

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