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linklove1113 Friday is extra welcome this week because it means it's almost the weekend -- something I haven't quite gotten in a couple of weeks! Halloween weekend I had to go to a work conference out of town on Sunday, and last weekend I spent long days at Fun Fun Fun Fest, so this weekend I am very excited to sit on my couch with Dago and Tess and watch Master of None! But, before we get into that, we have to these links!

♥ Hey Austinites! Tomorrow night I'll be telling stories for the talented crew of comedians at The New Movement Theater to make into improv! Come out to The Megaphone Show and watch the fun at 10:30 PM. The show will cost ya $5 and it's BYOB.

♥ Have you checked out Rogue T&K yet? This amazing jewelry line mixes natural and man-made elements to create something truly one-of-a-kind. For the rest of November, use the code NICOLE10 to receive 10% off your order! I'm already looking forward to styling this pretty for Thanksgiving dinner!

♥ Y'all know I'm a big fan of Old Navy (see here), so of course I love Katie's round up of new arrivals!

♥ Katie also alerted me to the new #Misadventure short from Kate Spade. This is my favorite yet!

♥ My bestie asked me to be her maid of honor and, while I know a thing or two about weddings, I know nothing about being a bridesmaid! Thank goodness Alice shared a few tips this week to help me make my girl's day extra special.

♥ This video is an instant mood booster. (Sound necessary!)

♥ Am I the only one who is so into the rise of pins and brooches recently? There are so many badass people making so many badass things! Love these picks from Hilary.

♥ This week Austin babe Natalie aka Kitty posed in this amazing photo shoot and shared some truth bombs about body image and #sizecelebration.

♥ I'm always excited to hear other people talking about their blogging journey, especially when it technically started in middle school (I wrote consistently on both Livejournal and Xanga into high school!). This week Chrystina shared a little about her earliest blogging days and proved that she is, in fact, the coolest. 

♥ The perfect November playlist to get you through to the weekend.

♥ And finally a little wishlist for the weekend: this tweed midi skirt, these collared dresses, this pretty polka dot blouse, these legging jeans, this meowvelous purse, and these kitschy sweaters.

Happy almost weekend!

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