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We made it to Friday! This might have been the most stressful week of my whole darn year. I usually have my blog posts written before the week starts (except this link love, of course!), but I've fallen behind and had to stay up writing posts every night this week. It wouldn't have been such an issue except that I was out (doing really awesome things!) every night this week as well. Between two different nights podcasting, coworking, and the ATX Blogger Mixer, I was a busy bee and I need a nap. Hopefully Dago will let me take breaks this weekend while we binge watch Jessica Jones on Netflix, because otherwise I'm going to sleep through the whole thing!

In other news, here are some lovely links from around the web:

♥ Going to be in Austin this weekend? Chelsea is leading a small business workshop on social media, branding, and photography! (You can register here.) If you haven't been to The Paper + Craft Pantry yet, this would be an excellent opportunity to check it out!

♥ Speaking of Chelsea, she shared a sneak peek of Pieceology Vintage's new line. Check it out to get excited for the shop's launch and see a familiar face!

♥ In other news, this adorable video brought me to tears.

♥ Kimi shared two outfits highlighting her fall/winter signature look. I really love the way she set up this post because I, too, tend to have a couple of different "looks" that I gravitate towards throughout the season, each falling on different sides of my style spectrum.

♥ Are you a survivor of Dad Jokes? Then you'll appreciate (and groan) at this.

♥ Moving across the country wasn't a big enough change for Toyosi; she had to go and change her blog too! This outfit gives me all the heart eyes (okay, two), and makes me miss her a ton. Are you coming home for the holidays, T? Let's get some bubble tea.

♥ My sweet friend Becky shared her son's birth story this week and, surprise, it's just as magical as she is.

♥ I love getting to know bloggers a little better through questionnaires! Go learn all about Katie and expect my answers later next week.

♥ I've had a tough time finding sweaters that I like on my body recently (why does everything make me look like a linebacker?), so that's what's on my wishlist this weekend. Hoping to try this tasseled turtleneck, this blush sweater, this polka dot number, this embellished sweater, and this lattice knit sweater.

What are you up to this weekend?

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