my thanksgiving shirtdress

navy windowpane dress1 navy windowpane dress2 navy windowpane dress3 navy windowpane dress10 navy windowpane dress5 navy windowpane dress6 navy windowpane dress7 navy windowpane dress8 dress: Luxe Apothetique // shoes: Old Navy (sold out, but here's the splurge version) // necklace: c/o Rogue T&K

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Meet my Thanksgiving shirtdress. Cute, right? I picked up this dress from Luxe Apothetique for my work conference a couple of weeks back and decided right there in the dressing room that I would wear it to Thanksgiving too. I'm big on buying dresses for multiple occasions. If you've been around here for a bit, then you know that every year I buy myself a Valentine's dress and then I wear them to all the weddings I attend that year. I'm a busy gal, and I need my clothes to keep up!

Being the busy girl I am, I like having grab-and-go jewelry pieces that make a statement without a lot of work. I got lucky that this Rogue T&K necklace matched my dress so well, but I shouldn't be surprised because it's the perfect neutral. The makers behind Rogue T&K (one of whom being my blogger bestie Katrina) mix natural and man-made materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces. The wooden beads on this necklace are hand-cut and hand-dyed with natural dyes. If you look closely, you can tell that the spacer beads are also laser cut (lasers!), so you know these gals put a lot of time and care into every detail of every item they sell.

For the rest of November, you can pick up one of these pretties or anything else in the shop with the code NICOLE10 for 10% off your order!

P.S. These similar shirtdresses are super cute and have lots of turkey-eating room!
What are you wearing to Thanksgiving this year?

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