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dress: Old Navy // hat: Francesca's (similar) // boots: Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (shop more boots!) // purse: vintage Coach via Prototype Vintage // short necklace: gift // long necklace: The Land of Salt // ring: c/o Limbo Jewelry

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

You just can't walk into a store without being inundated with '70s-inspired fashion this season. While I tend to gravitate more towards '60s styles, I can't deny that even I'm getting into the swing of the Seventies. Speaking of swing, how great is this printed swing dress from Old Navy? It's orange -- my power color -- and I'm obsessed with the long sleeve action going on. 

I'm the proud owner of three different swing style dresses from Old Navy and I love each one as much as the last. I've got a short-torso and my tummy is my "problem area" so this silhouette really suits my body as much as my taste.

Let's talk about hats for a sec. I always said I didn't have the head for a hat, and then I bought one this summer and another for fall. I love wearing them and feel like they really make an outfit something special, but I gotta ask: do you wear them inside? As in, do you wear them to work? Or to a restaurant and then take it off out of politeness while you're eating? I've worn my hats out shopping and that seems to work fine for me (as in, I don't feel like everyone is staring at me for wearing a hat), but could I rock a hat to a party? Or to a coffee date? I feel like we need a flow chart for this or something.

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