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Goodness, it's Friday! This week flew by for me! We're between offices at work, so I had the very great pleasure of working from home with my kitten all week. It was a devastating news week --which, since I was home, I sat plastered in front of the television keeping up with -- and I've felt really hopeless about the state of things. But, I had a good therapy appointment and I just finished watching The Wiz Live, so I'm in surprisingly high spirits to round out the week. Text somebody you love and let them know, and then get all up in these lovely links!

♥ I know, you're sick of gift guides. BUT! This is one you have to check out (the only one!). Chelsea put together the most amazing guide for simultaneous gifting and giving back, showcasing goods from small businesses, artisan makers, and ethically conscious brands. You may have heard of some of these brands, but there are so many gems you're going to want to bookmark and follow after Chels shows you the light!

♥ Y'all know I'm all about goal making, so it's no wonder I loved this 16 Before 2016 list! I'm considering a similar format for New Year's Resolutions!

♥ It's far from traditional, but this might be my favorite Christmas tree style I've seen. Who wants to make these ornaments with me?

♥ Valery's recent LBD story had me cackling on the couch -- you've got to see this!

♥ The downside of purging all your things and starting a minimalist life.

♥ Hillary shows us how to wear pastels all winter long.

♥ It's been downright cold in Austin this week, so I'm wishing for winter accessories like these furry earmuffs, these cozy beanies, these unbearably cute mittens, these plaid and checkered scarves, these sparkly tights, and these fun patterned socks.

P.S. I'm posting the December goals linkup on Monday, so get your posts ready to link!!

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