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Happy Friday! Does anyone else feel like they're in crunch mode before the holidays? I definitely do! That said, I'm going to keep it short this morning and get onto the links!

♥ You've probably seen this video by now, but I shared it on my Facebook last weekend after it totally put me in tears -- the happiest tears!

♥ How do you feel about end-of-year lists? I make a Top 10 Pop Songs list every year (which I'm currently working on!), but Dago does a full 20 best albums of the year and his picks/posts are always fantastic. If for no other reason than reading his hilarious writing, check out his favorite albums of 2016.

♥ Speaking of Dago, he may have to put up with my own Instagram antics, but I definitely wouldn't say he's an #InstagramHusband.

♥ Here, copy this outfit on Monday and everything's gonna be okay.

♥ After falling in love with their bras, I'm hoping to stock up on these comfy undies in the new year. Does anyone else underwear shop as self-care?

♥ Speaking of self-care, love these 15 things you can do to feel better when you feel like shit.

♥ Two more great posts about self-care, because apparently I'm feeling like I need some: one from Laura and one from Anna.

♥ And finally, as always, a wishlist for the weekend: these cozy PJ sets, this winter white party dress, this festive wrapping paper, these shimmery flats, these uh-mazing coats, and these chocolate brown fringed beauties.

How are you taking care of yourself this weekend?

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