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This week, I am, as they say, under the weather. What began as a painfully sore throat has progressed into runny faucet nose and it doesn't appear to be stopping soon. Regardless of my sneezing face, I've got a busy weekend ahead: sweater decorating and Elf on Friday, one of my besties visiting and Star Wars on Saturday, and a little birdy's birthday on Sunday. My body better get its act together, and fast! While I'm downing orange juice and popping RediTabs, you can enjoy the following links!

♥ Speaking of Star Wars, I love these facts! Thanks Katie for the link rec!

♥ My favorite feel-good video of the week.

♥ Ooooh this outfit has me excited for layers!

♥ Y'all, I love selfies. I'm of the mind that they're about self-love and self-celebration, and, especially for women, we need more of that. These pro-selfie tips from fav Tess Holliday are clutch.

♥ I'm having major guest room envy.

♥ Wishing I had this scarf (and a party to go to) to celebrate Christmas!

♥ Ummmm my Spice Girls dreams just came true. (Also have you seen this selfie?)

♥ Things I wanna buy (and just might!): this hi-low sweater, these fancy loafers, this olive leather jacket, one of these scalloped wallets, and this adorbs charger that matches my phone case.

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