geo print skirt chambray shirt1 geo print skirt chambray shirt5 geo print skirt chambray shirt6 geo print skirt chambray shirt7 geo print skirt chambray shirt4 geo print skirt chambray shirt3 geo print skirt chambray shirt2
shirt: Old Navy // skirt: J.Crew Factory (in love with this similar one) // shoes: Steve Madden (very similar) // bag: Old Navy // earrings: Beehive // belt: Target

Of all the prints in my arsenal, this is likely my only geometric piece. I never jumped on the tribal print train of 2013 or the Southwestern print trend of 2014, but mod '60s-inspired prints give me big ole heart eyes. I am very happy to have snagged this delightful pink and orange geometric print skirt to hang among my many stripes, polka dots, and floral prints!

This skirt has actually been on my wishlist for a long time. I waited for it to go on clearance at J.Crew Factory, and then waited patiently for my size to be in stock. It seemed like every week the available sizes changed, so I would check back again and again. Unfortunately, during this time, I realized that I didn't know what size I was actually waiting for. Initially I thought I would need a 6, but after finding that a 6 was too small in both my beloved Anthropologie skirt and the H&M skirt that went back, I decided on an 8. Then I started getting anxious as the sizes became fewer and fewer each week, and I couldn't let it go, so I settled on a 10 and hoped it ran small.

The skirt is about an inch or two too big in the waist. I have a safety pin strategically placed in the back next to the zipper, and with the addition of this cute cognac belt, it's not too noticeable. I also think that in the fall and winter it'll fit a little better with tights and thick sweaters layered under it. I've been dealing with lots of too-tight waistlines lately, so I'm honestly not mad about having a little extra breathing and eating room!

Two other parts of this outfit I wanted to talk about: my earrings and my tote. I actually bought these earrings to wear with this dress for a top secret video shoot that I did (more info coming soon!), but they didn't match the dress as well as I hoped. I set them down on a chair where this skirt happened to be laying and HOLY CRAP they are exactly the same colors. I'm not typically into being overly matchy-matchy, but I couldn't not wear these together!

The tote, on the other hand, goes with every-damn-thing I own and I'm so happy with it. While it's reversible, I actually haven't flipped it to the black side yet, but I expect I will wear it this way a lot in the winter. The bag is exceptionally sturdy and holds so much stuff. Since I haven't yet purchased a weekender bag, I've been using this tote to pack for long weekends in Houston to hang with Dago's mom. It fits all my things -- sweaters, my laptop, extra shoes, and my fluffy teddy bear -- without bursting at the seams or even being too heavy. I definitely recommend it!

Did you pick up anything pretty over the weekend?

geometric print skirt

No link love today, y'all, because it's Budgeting Bloggers day! Part of me is all like "holy cow it's almost September!" but then the other parts of me are like "holy heck August was long and weird, let's get on with September." I'll talk more about my weird month in my goals post next week though, because today is about shopping and clothes!

I feel like I shopped a bunch this month, but really I just bought a handful of things I've been wishlisting for a while. So many pretty things!

bought in august

Graphic Print Pleated Skirt from J.Crew Factory (sold out, looove this one) - $43.99
Brown Felt Floppy Hat from Francesca's (not pictured, similar) - $34.00

Total: $217.34

I'm glad to see that even without a goal to not shop, I didn't go crazy overboard! I really wasn't tracking my spending this month because I've been out-of-control busy, so it's nice that I didn't spend all my money on accident.

I'm super happy with all of these purchases! I finally ended up with a swimsuit that I love (the top is definitely green in person -- the perfect chartreuse color -- not yellow or mustard like I thought!). I got a comfy tee that I don't feel slubby wearing in public. I got a killer tote bag and the world's best pair of red flats (full review on these babies coming soon!).

I'm very happy to have added two more skirts to my closet as well. I ended up sizing up in both skirts, and probably shouldn't have in either. I have just gotten so sick of clothing fitting me in the morning, and then is way too tight by the end of the day. I'm in-between all the sizes right now (seriously!), so it's hard to know where I "fit in," if you feel me. I ordered the J.Crew Factory skirt in a 10, when I really, really needed an 8. For now, I've got it pinned in the back and I've worn a cute little brown belt (outfit coming soon!) to hide the folded-over fabric. The Old Navy skirt is a Medium. The Small fit fine, but I was worried it would be too tight because I hadn't eaten before I tried it on. The Medium is pretty loose, but should be fine with tights and a sweater in the fall.

This month, I wanted to mix things up a little and share the things I returned in August as well!
returned in august
Things I returned in August:
Black Cami Dress (not pictured) - $29.94

I was so sad to return this navy skirt. I bought it in a 6, which was silly because H&M sizes are whack and I should have known I needed at least an 8 anyway, if not a 10. I tried to exchange it for a 10, but it's sold out. I'll be keeping an eye out though, because after holding it in person, I can tell you that it's pretty great quality!

Another sad return was this polka dot top. I bought it in a Small because it looked oversized on the model, but she's just really thin. I literally got stuck in this shirt, y'all. Dago almost had to cut me out of it, but I needed to return it so I made him slowly peel it off me. I could probably be in Cirque du Soleil after climbing out of that thing!

Lastly, I returned a black cami dress from Old Navy. I bought it before my trip with Dago to Houston, it didn't really fit well (their sizing has been a little strange, no? Things seem to fit at least a size bigger than they should) and it wrinkled a ton. I've been searching since spring for a comfy black dress because the two I owned are defunct. Where are all the comfy cotton black dresses, friends???

Anyway, I'm linking up with Fran and the Budgeting Bloggers this month! So excited to go see what everybody else bought this month! Also, if you're curious, see what I bought in July, June, and May!

what i bought in august

Alright, y'all. I have an announcement along with today's wishlist -- I'm going to Marfa! I'm taking a super exciting girls trip in mid-September with a group of my best babes. I've never been, and with one of my goals being to take a trip this fall, I'm extra ready to get out of dodge and relax in the desert.

Since I travel so infrequently, I don't have a bag to take my things in! After seeing Fran's Madewell weekender bag, I decided I should probably pick one up before our trip. I unfortunately can't afford the Madewell bag, in all its beauty, but here are some bags under $100 I'm loving just as much!
on my list weekender bags
one (love the smaller version too!) // two // three // four // five // six // seven //eight

Ooooh, so many pretty bags! I'm having trouble deciding if I should go classic with a neutral color like cognac, black, or taupe, or if I should go for something a little fun like stripes or a kitschy-yet-chic bird print. Do you have a weekender bag? What should I look for in a travel bag?

on my list | weekender bags under $100

3 tips for being more consistent

One part of my ~blogging journey~ that I failed to mention in yesterday's post was the moment I started calling myself a "blogger." For me, it all changed in 2013 when I started having a post come out every day. I stopped being a "person with a blog" and started being a blogger. I decided that being something had to do with being it consistently.

Consistency is something that didn't click right away, but over the years I've figured out how to stay on track without too much extra work. Whether you're trying to be a better blogger, Instagrammer, runner, breakfast eater, or water drinker, these three tips can help you be more consistent.

1. Know what you need and obtain it. Whatever it is you're trying to accomplish, you probably need something in order to do it, and not having it is only going to hold you back. Don't let that be an excuse! This requires scheduling ahead of time. If I want to try to go to yoga, I can't use the excuse that I don't have yoga pants when I wake up the morning of the class. I need to get my butt to Old Navy the previous weekend and pick up a couple of pairs so I can be ready when it's class time. For blogging, this means making sure I have outfit photos scheduled with Chelsea ahead of time so I'm not scrambling at the last minute to put together blog posts.

2. Tell someone who will hold you accountable. Some people need an extra someone to know about their goals in order to hold them accountable. I think that rather than a character flaw, this is just a personality trait, and knowing what you can do to make things easier on yourself is always going to make you more successful! I put my goals on the blog because it helps me stay accountable. Find that one friend who you know will either 1. ask you about the thing you were supposed to do or 2. who you don't want to disappoint, so you'll do it whether or not they ask.

3. Spread it out using a schedule. Of all three tips, this is the one that made the most difference for me, personally. So often I see really enthusiastic people fail at their goals because they try to pack it all in at once: blog three days in a row and then not again for a month, go to the gym for a whole week and then don't return for six months, etc. I think we have a tendency to give up after one misstep, so, for instance, if I've been journaling every night before bed and I miss a night, I feel like I've failed at journaling and I'm too embarrassed or ashamed to start again.

Instead of making yourself do it all at once and, in my opinion, setting yourself up for failure, make a plan to spread it out. Write three blog posts, and then post every Wednesday for three weeks to keep your readers engaged and let them know when to expect you. Go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday to give yourself some down days in between so you can really focus when you're there. This helps you know what to expect in advance, too, so you can be mentally prepared and have all your things -- outfit photos or work out clothes -- in order beforehand. 

Having a handy notebook or planner is a helpful tool for knowing your schedule at a glance and not having to guess when you can squeeze in your goal. Having it written down can also help you stay accountable, because when someone wants to make brunch plans, you can check your calendar and see that, oh, actually you can't make it at that time because you have a hot yoga class, but would your friend like to join you? Accomplishing goals together is productive and fun!

Consistency is logically simple: you say you're going to do a thing on a regular basis and then you do it. What's difficult is life getting in the way! These three tips have helped me combat life's messes so I can stay on track without getting overwhelmed or giving up.

What are you trying to do more consistently? Do you have any other tips for being a more consistent person?

3 tips for being more consistent

turning four

I mentioned on Friday that this little blog was celebrating her fourth birthday! On one hand, it's crazy to think about doing something for four whole years, but my other hand is like "yo, I have typed four years of blog posts, I'm highly aware of the duration of this passion project." 

According to this article, if my blog were a four-year-old child, she would love telling jokes (accurate), she would be able to do a somersault (less accurate), and she would be afraid of monsters (thankfully she hasn't encountered many!).

I also realized that I started my blog just two months after Dago and I got together, so for four years he has been dating a blogger! "I would never had known I had the frumpiest Instagram game if it weren't for you," says Dago in response to being a blogger boyfriend.

Just like I did in my four years of college, this blog has changed a lot since it landed on the Internet. I was first inspired by HelloGiggles, which had launched just a few months prior. I wanted to write funny think pieces about Kim Kardashian and Rebecca Black. It was hard to keep up with, and I started following more and more personal style bloggers. I was super inspired by Kendi Everyday, Selective Potential, Orchid Grey, A Beautiful Mess, M Loves M, and Atlantic-Pacific. I loved that they were sharing real outfits and doing fun things with clothes -- layering them! mixing patterns! combining high and low pieces! It was winter of 2012 when I did my first outfit post. I took the photos in my studio apartment by setting my iPhone 4 inside a jewelry box on my nightstand. I think I was wearing mostly Target and I had worn the outfit to a going away party. Thankfully, my style, my progress, and this space have all evolved since then!

What started as a feminist pop culture humor blog turned into an outfit post and shopping blog turned into a vulnerable space on the Internet where one blogger shared goals, mental health updates, and raw feelings about body image. I hope that this space has something from each category now, but I also feel like writes like a girl is a more defined blog than it's ever been. I've started identifying as a body positive style blogger, which just feels right when I tell people. I've learned that my goal setting has just as much, if not more, to do with leading a creative life as it does growing up. I have always wanted to create content that is useful, and more importantly empowering, and I feel like (I hope, anyway!), I am doing that.

Whether you're new here or you've managed to stick around for the last four years, thank you. In a lot of ways writes like a girl doesn't exist without you, and it certainly doesn't grow without you. Here's to four plus more!

P.S. I may have celebrated with a haircut at my favorite beauty parlor, but I also think I might gift myself one of these babies

turning four

buy the pin above here and the card above here!

Hi cuties! This week was B-A-N-A-N-A-S. We published the winning collection of our Best of the Best Destination Photo Contest and then it. went. viral. We were featured everywhere from Cosmo to BuzzFeed to Huffington Post to a newspaper in London (print isn't dead!). I also had plans every night this week and got to reconnect with some of my favorite people whom I haven't seen in a while. It was a busy week, but a wonderful one too. Speaking of wonderful, here are some of my favorite links from around the web!

♥ What the kids from Recess look like today.

♥ Kimi nails it talking about being a closet maximalist.

♥ Love these tips on staying motivated.

♥ This week in I'm not crying, you're crying (apparently now a weekly segment?).

♥ I love any and all birthday-related lists, so of course I'm super into Clare's 30 things she learned in 30 years.

♥ A little fall inspiration: dogs in sweaters!

♥ Can't get enough of these awesome engineers Chrystina shared earlier this week!

♥ I have never used Tinder, but this makes me want to ask my mom to write a profile for me.

♥ An über-girly wishlist for the weekend: these bow shoes, this silk organza skirt, these Blair Waldorf-approved hair accessories, these precious sneakers, these matching pajama sets, and these chic pink gemstone earrings.

♥ P.S. Today is my four year blogging anniversary! I totally forgot to plan something, so go look at my three year blogging anniversary post and pretend it's from today.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to share your favorite links in the comments!

link love

I feel similarly about this summer's latest trend as I do about unexpected new pairings on my favorite TV shows: will they? won't they? do I even want them to? The off-the-shoulder look is one I'm equally optimistic and skeptical about. I've seen some friends rock the heck out of gauzy white shoulder-baring looks, but I'm completely undecided as to whether or not I should snag one for myself. It would be an impulse purchase to say the least, but it also wouldn't be the first time I fell totally in love with an impulse buy, so who knows what I could be missing!

With summer in its final stretch, I'm thinking it's now or never. Here are a few off-the-shoulder pieces that may or may not be in my shopping cart:

on my list off the shoulder
one (also in white!) // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

The off-the-shoulder look seems to have two iterations: the festival hippie and the Bridgette Bardot reincarnate. Two, four, five, and seven fall squarely in the Bridgette category, which is much more my speed. Eight and nine lean towards the festival babe style, but definitely aren't out of the question with my high-waisted Levi's. On the other (third?) hand, I like that one, three, and six are pretty classic pieces that may withstand the trend, should I decide I'm an off-the-shoulder type of gal.

What's your take on shoulders? Should they be covered, or is showing a little something the perfect choice for summer? What's on your list this week?

on my list | off-the-shoulder pieces

intuitive eating thoughts

At the beginning of July, I took a really positive step in regards to my diet: I decided to start eating intuitively. If you're new around here, you might not know that I have been very open about my experiences with disordered eating throughout high school, college, and post-grad. I've written about how transitioning into working full-time caused a significant weight gain, as well as my trials in clothing my body in this new size. What I haven't documented here is my last year in therapy, the bulk of which has been spent exploring my issues with food, body image, and shame.

Over the last year, I have worked incredibly hard to shift my view of food from a punishment/reward capacity into a source of nourishment. One message that has come up again and again is the idea of listening to my body. If I'm feeling dizzy, I ask myself "When was the last time you ate?" If I'm having trouble focusing at work, I know my blood sugar is low and I need a snack. When I'm getting ready to podcast and realize I've been snapping at Dago a little, I remember that I worked through lunch and have only eaten a Pop Tart, so I should probably have dinner before we record. I even have a sticky note on my computer at work that says "How can you nourish yourself right now" with three times listed below to help me remember to eat several times throughout the day. These things that might be natural for some people are not for me, and I have to be extremely deliberate about remembering to eat and especially aware of my needs.

Intuitive eating is something I have heard about in passing before, but I came across this fantastic article from Refinery 29 writer Kelsey Miller about intuitive eating myths and something clicked. Eating without shame, eating what your body is craving, eating when your body is hungry -- all of these are things I've been working towards! 

Somehow putting the title on it -- Intuitive Eating -- empowered me to really do it. It's like a step was taken out of my over-complicated equation. Instead of thinking about what I was craving, thinking about whether or not I was hungry, thinking about whether or not I should eat, I just ate. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. At first, like the article describes, this feels a little reckless. You mean I can have pizza for lunch two days in a row? I can buy Drumsticks without having a breakdown once I get home and end up eating the whole box while I cry on the floor? YES. And, just like it's supposed to, my body began craving all kinds of things. Oh, I'm craving grilled chicken? I must be lacking protein. I can't get enough salad all of a sudden? Duh, I ate pasta for every meal yesterday.

Over the last month, I've begun to fall into a rhythm. Suddenly grocery shopping isn't the eighth layer of hell it used to be, and I'm actually interested in exploring new and easy recipes based on what I tend to crave at work during the week. I have a good understanding of what products to pick up at the store because I know what fills certain roles and what habits I've been leaning into lately.

I've been eating a ton more fruit -- something I've always loved! My fast food intake has gone down significantly. I'm eating more balanced meals throughout the day, and throughout the week too. Sure, there are days still where I get home and realize I haven't eaten since a peach and avocado salad around noon, but it's not because I was withholding food, I just wasn't hungry. It's forcing food that breaks my rhythm and brings the shame crawling back into my mind, and therefore my eating choices.

One of the ideas that has remained at the forefront of my mind since I started eating intuitively is that I can, and should, eat like I did when I was in elementary school. I brought a packed lunch to school every day, filled with things like string cheese, rolled up deli meat, blueberries, carrot sticks, peanut butter sandwiches, and cottage cheese. These foods are healthy* and good for me. They helped me be strong when I was a growing second grader, and they help me be a stronger 25 year old, too.

I hope to keep chronicling my journey with intuitive eating, so if you have any questions, I'd love to do my best to answer them! Is intuitive eating something you've heard of or tried before? Am I the only one whose mind is blown that I'm allowed to eat without dedicating several hours to thinking about it, and all its rewards and consequences, first? Here's to stronger, more productive, healthier bodies and minds!

*It's really important for me to note that I personally define health specifically in terms of getting enough calories in a day, as well as the balance of basic food groups like proteins, calcium, fruit, etc. This may not be how you define health, but for me this is the goal it's essential for me to keep that in mind.

my first month of intuitive eating

striped smock dress pink slip ons1 striped smock dress pink slip ons4 striped smock dress pink slip ons3 striped smock dress pink slip ons6 striped smock dress pink slip ons2 striped smock dress pink slip ons5 striped smock dress pink slip ons7 dress: Old Navy (similar one and two) // shoes: LOFT (on sale!) // necklace: DIY // earrings: c/o Limbo Jewelry // ring: c/o Limbo Jewelry 

Once a week, we have an early morning meeting at work with the owner of our company. It used to be at 7 AM, but has recently been pushed to 7:30 because we're slightly more awake and therefore slightly more productive at that time. Nearly every week, I wake up on Early Morning Meeting Day and sigh "I just cannot with pants today." I then proceed to put on the outfit that requires the maximum amount of comfort, the least amount of physical contact, while also not being pajamas: my striped Old Navy smock dress and my pink LOFT slip-ons. At this point, I think my boss just assumes I only have one outfit because this is the only thing I ever wear when we see him!

I wasn't really sure if this outfit was ~bloggable~ mostly because I wasn't sure if it was actually flattering having put it on at 7 in the morning every time I've worn it. Thankfully, Chelsea told me I looked cute and now here we are! Another way to wear that dress you almost definitely own (because everyone does)!

What do you reach for when you just can't be bothered with clothes?

stripes and slip-ons


Hello from Houston, my friends! Dago and I are here visiting his mom for the weekend, but the Internet didn't stop in the meantime. Here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week.

♥ Did you watch the Pretty Little Liars summer finale this week? First, let's discuss in the comments. Second, you have to read the Vulture power rankings (my favorite weekly recap of the show).

♥ This baby and pup were born on the same day and now they're best friends and I'm not crying, you're crying.

♥ Love this piece on rompers and body positivity.

♥ I have been following Kelly and her amazing adulting tips since she started years ago. She's always been open about struggles with depression, but her recent post coming to terms with alcoholism is beautifully written and so important.

♥ Are you a Parks & Rec fan? Because this gif journey down memory lane had me cackling at work.

♥ Gimme this whole outfit.

♥ Jen knocked it out of the park with this piece on the term twentysomething (also, her blog got a makeover, both visually and content-wise, so be sure to check it out!)

♥ I'm not ready to spill all the deets yet, but let's just say I have a trip planned to a very special Texas town next month. Of course, that means I have a little shopping to do! Here's what's on my wishlist: floral kimonos, these sky blue sandalspretty gold bangles, this ditsy floral dress, this gorgeous throw blanket (perfect for camping!), and this adorable water bottle. (Can you guess where I'm going?)

link love

Happy Thursday! You don't usually hear from me on Thursdays, but today I'm featured over on POMEmag talking about being a self-proclaimed fashion geek and sharing my 3 Levels of Geekdom. Be sure to check it out and click around -- the site couldn't be cuter!

on being a fashion geek

featured | on being a fashion geek

For most of college, my thrifted red TOMS were my go-to shoes. I wore them with skinnies, dresses, and shorts alike, and I loved the bold pop of color at my feet. I ran that poor pair of shoes into the ground -- the insides are positively shredded. Fortunately, I came upon a pair of red hi-top Converse at the same thrift store a few years ago. I wore them constantly for the first few months (seen here and here), but ultimately they didn't become a full-time replacement.

I think part of the issue here is that I'm not in college anymore, so sneakers and canvas shoes just aren't a great every day option. Not that I couldn't wear them to the office -- I mean I wear my pink slip-ons about once a week -- but they just don't fit my more "adult" wardrobe. After all this time, this week I'm finally renewing my search for red flats. Here are a few pairs I've had my eye on!

on my list red flats
one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

shop even more red flats!

Ooooh so many cute shoes, amirite? The J.Crew Factory pair are the very definition of classic, and they'd go with anything and everything. The Target pair are similar, but appear to have a tiny wedge in the heel. I like that the Forever 21 flats are a little darker, which would make them a lovely option for fall and winter, but maybe not spring and summer. The Franco Sarto pair are like a leather version of the J.Crew ones, but, obvi leather. I'm not sure if that makes them more or less appealing? I'm a big fan of Chinese Laundry shoes, and I like that the d'Orsays have a little more coverage than usual, so maybe they wouldn't look so weird with shorts and skirts? 

Obvi, the polka dot Sole Society pair are positively adorable -- but are they versatile too? I kind of think the peekaboo cutouts of the Isolá shoes would be sooooo cute with jeans, and even with tights in the colder months, and I love that the detail gives them something a little special. I've seen these TopShop flats on pretty much every blogger, and while I wasn't crazy about them at first, the shape is growing on me for sure!

Which shoes would you choose? What's on your list this week?

on my list | red flats

why i laugh

Of all the awesome comments I get from y'all, the most common is about laughing in my outfit photos. I'd like to think it's a signature aspect of writes like a girl, especially in a world of scowling bloggers staring into the sun or looking solemnly at the ground. No shade -- those bloggers look fierce and they're obviously doing something that works for them! I just realized pretty quickly that it didn't work for me (warning: highly embarrassing example from 2012 ahead).

I've joked for a while now that I should give workshops on laughing in photos. I would say if there's one thing I could teach, it's that. So, I thought it would be fun for me to share why I even laugh in the first place, and how it's become my "thing."

1. Efficiency. For the first few years I was blogging, I took my own photos. I didn't have a real camera or a tripod; I had an iPhone 4, a GorillaPod, and a tall bar stool from Target. With no one on the other end of the camera to give me direction or even smile at, I had to learn to make my photos interesting and personable all on my own. Making myself laugh brought a sense of warmth to the images, and it definitely made my solo-shoots go by faster!

2. It's flattering. To some degree, it's this simple. Anytime I saw a candid photo of myself laughing, I felt pretty. I have a sort of crooked smile if I grin or smirk plainly, and I tend to think I have larger features, so reflecting joy in a bigger way looks more attractive on my face. That was all weird to type, but my point is that if you want to be more photogenic, figure out how you like your face to look, and then do that in photos! For me, it's laughing.

3. My clothes make me happy. When I feel good in my clothes, you can see it. At the end of the day, outfit photos are meant to show off cute outfits I've put together that I've worn in my real life. I want to inspire people to make better outfits -- outfits that make them happy. Looking happy in my photos, honestly happy, hopefully helps you feel empowered to find outfits that make you want to laugh and spin and play too.

So there you have it! I'm a simple gal; I like to look pretty, I laugh when I feel pretty and I feel pretty when I laugh. Do I think laughing will be the next wave of fashun blahgger posing? Probably not, but my signature move isn't going anywhere!

Bloggers and non-bloggers, have you noticed a trend in your photos or selfies? Do you always touch your face or hair? Do you pop your knee or put your hand on your hip?

why i laugh in photos

black peplum straw fedora2 black peplum straw fedora1 black peplum straw fedora3 black peplum straw fedora6 black peplum straw fedora4 black peplum straw fedora7 black peplum straw fedora5 black peplum straw fedora9 black peplum straw fedora8
hat: Target // shirt: LOFT (similar, on sale!) // shorts: Gap via Poshmark // shoes: Nordy Rack (shop similar options) // purse: vintage Coach via Prototype Vintage // ring: c/o Limbo Jewelry

Could these photos be any cooler? I didn't think I could love this outfit more than I already do -- I've worn it at least once a week for the last month -- and then Chelsea delivered these photos and I just melted into a puddle of happy. Sometimes seeing an outfit in photos gives me the whole "what was I thinking?" blues, but this casual summer look is just as awesome as I thought. Guess it's a good thing I'm a style blogger, huh?

Speaking of being a style blogger, I just made a few purchases that I'm so stoked to share with y'all. A skirt that has been on my wishlist forever was finally available in my size, another midi skirt is on its way to me, and a couple of cute tees that are going to make the summer-to-fall transition equally cute and comfy.

Last week someone requested a post in the comments, and I got super excited because I remembered "hey, this blog might actually be useful to people!" Are there things you want to see? Certain pieces you're stuck on styling, outfits you think I should be wearing, collaborations you think would be a good fit? Let me know so I can bring the content you want to see to the blog! I have some stuff coming up that I'm really looking forward to and I can't wait to show you, so stay tuned for that as well!

I know it's Monday, but you've got this week on lock. Make a to-do list in your cutest handwriting including things you've already done so you've got a head start. Then add "be awesome" and cross it off, because you've been doing that since day one! Get on with your bad self!

black & tan


One of my favorite Austin creatives Becky of The Pink Samurai just launched the coolest new project: D.I.Kawaii. It's a monthly box subscription that brings adorable D.I.Y. surprises right to your mailbox! Check it out here and sign up or send a gift to your friend!

♥ I really appreciated Jen's honesty recording her recent experience struggling with identity and how it relates to her career-self, her writer-self, and her blogger-self (all inner conflicts I've faced as well!).

♥ The new Ava & Viv fall lookbook is everything.

♥ Not sure what the trends are this fall? Let Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler educate you with dance! (Now I'm dying to catch up on the last couple of seasons of Dance Moms!)

♥ Y'all know I love Taylor Swift, so of course I loved these 27 times she failed so hard she won.

♥ Still have a trip coming up this summer (I hopefully do!)? Kimi's road trip packing list will help you get there with clothes on -- and cute ones to boot!

Speaking of travel, April's Italy posts are giving me major wanderlust. Be sure to follow her adventures on Instagram too!

♥ This DIY Dolly Parton bag is kitschy and amazing. I want to make my own, but I need to pick an icon to make it personal for me. Selena? Blair Waldorf? Taylor Swift, maybe?

An I-know-I-still-have-2-months-of-summer-left-but-what-the-heck fall wishlist: these versatile Sam Edelman booties, this comfy grey sweater, these chic wool hats, these knit leggings,  and this long-sleeved swing dress.

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I mentioned in my small goals post for August that I have big plans for a snake plant in my apartment this month. While the plans may be grand, the table on my wishlist is relatively little. I want to find a cute, small mid-century or vintage-inspired table for my new plant to sit upon, right in front of the window in my kitchen.

 Here are a few of the options I'm considering:

on my list small vintage-inspired tables
one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

So much cute, am I right? We have a lime green dining table, so I'm especially loving tables in similarly bright colors like blue, pink, and orange. I'm also digging the  geometric shapes of tables. While it might be a little taller than I think we need, I love that table six has extra shelf space!

What's on your list this week?

on my list | little vintage-inspired tables

anthropologie skirt old navy clogs5 anthropologie skirt old navy clogs2 anthropologie skirt old navy clogs6 anthropologie skirt old navy clogs1 anthropologie skirt old navy clogs4 anthropologie skirt old navy clogs7
shirt: Old Navy // skirt: Anthropologie via eBay (similar) // shoes: Old Navy (this season's pair) // ring: c/o Limbo Jewelry // earrings: c/o Limbo Jewelry

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I didn't think it was possible, but I love this outfit even more than the last time I wore this skirt. Orange is one of my favorite colors to wear, so this Old Navy tank has been in heavy rotation the last few weeks.

Speaking of Old Navy, I finally figured out how to wear these clogs! Not that I haven't been wearing them before now (see all the ways here), but I always felt a little awkward pairing them with shorter skirts and dresses. Wearing any heels with short skirts makes me uncomfortable because the skirt looks way shorter. Turns out wearing heels with a midi skirt balances the proportions better! I actually got this tip from Valery who showed how wearing heels with a midi skirt can be a much sleeker look than wearing flats, which can sometimes come off as stumpy.

As if I didn't already have an affinity towards midi skirts, I now have another excuse to buy them: to wear with my beloved clogs!

P.S. If you haven't yet, be sure to sign up for a mini session with Chelsea for this Saturday! Spots are filling up fast, so get on it ASAP!

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small goals august

I think I'm alone here, but August has always been one of my favorite months. I love summer, and the summer nights in August are full of fireflies and running barefoot through cool grass. There's a magical excitement of making the most out of something before its gone; before back to school, before fall sets in. I love school supply shopping even though I've been out of school for three years. I still try to treat myself to a new desk supply just to fulfill my end-of-summer duty.

I also think of August as the beginning of the end. A lot of people argue that its actually October, but August always feels like the downhill part of the year for me. The days are ultimately getting shorter, so there's less time to get everything done. If there's something I want to do this year, I better start planning for it in August or it'll be New Year's before I know it.

That said, I'm even more excited than usual to share my small goals for the month. First, let's see how July went:

1. no clothing purchases* | Welp, you know how that went down.
2. buy a dryer | YES YES YES YES DONE!!! With the exception of the laptop I'm still paying off, it is the most expensive, grown up, and fancy purchase I've ever made.
3. finish You Feel So Mortal | done! Review coming soon!
4. send three blog partnership pitches | Sent! I will *hopefully* have some fun new content for y'all coming soon!
5. try 5 new ways to incorporate fruit into my every day routine | While I didn't come up with anything groundbreaking, I did technically accomplish this goal. 1. peaches for breakfast at work (whaaaat there is work-breakfast other than pop tarts?); 2. open-faced banana sandwiches with peanut butter on one slice and Nutella on the other; 3. peach + avocado fruit salad as an afternoon snack; 4. blueberries in my ice cream; 5. keeping berries at my desk during the workday (if they're there, I will eat them. Who knew it was that easy?).

4/5 isn't too bad! A lot of you commented on my July purchases post and said that since I bought a purse I use every day, and pretty much only bought basics, I may have met my goal of not shopping. I don't feel confident enough in that to give myself a full 5/5 for July, but I do appreciate your support!

I am especially excited about my August goals (I thought of most of them halfway through July!). Crossing my fingers I get all of these done!

1. send a few cards to people I love | I bought a handful of gorgeous cards at a West Elm pop-up shop the other day designed by local artist Leah Duncan. I bought them with people in mind, so now I just need to get to writin'! 
2. make lemon bars | One from the bucket list: I definitely feel like these are a summer-specific treat, so I want to get them made while it's still solidly summer! Poolside snack, anyone?
3. deep clean my car | I desperately need to clean out my car. My family has started teasing me that my car is considerably grosser in and out than my brother's, and that just won't stand.
4. buy a big plant | I have big plans for a large snake plant and a cute vintage table for our apartment. It's actually pretty ridiculous how excited I am to go pick one out and bring it home!
5. plan & save for a vacation this fall | One thing I learned last year while making my way through my 25 before 25 list was that planning ahead is super important in making sure I have the means and ability to actually get things done. I hope to travel both to Marfa and out of state in the next year, so I want to start saving some money now and also set my sights for a fall trip to one of the two! If you're an out-of-state blog friend who wouldn't mind hosting me for a few days and showing me around your lovely city, let me know and I'll start looking into plane tickets! I'm so serious about this!

What are you hoping to get up to in August? Share your small goals in the comments! Also, would y'all be interested in me making these small goal posts a linkup? I've noticed more and more people sharing their own monthly goals, so let me know if you want a place to link here and check out other people's!

august | small goals

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