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jacket: vintage via Monkies Vintage & Thrift // dress: BB Dakota c/o Shopbop // booties: Madden Girl (on super sale!) // purse: vintage Coach via Pieceology Vintage // bandana: vintage // pizza pin: jesiiii // deer pin: gift Lisa Chow x Tiny Deer Studio

Am I the only one who can't stand small talk? Actually, more accurately, I can't do small talk. I'm exceptionally bad at it, and it makes me super uncomfortable. Things I like to talk about: pop culture, the Internet, and my feelings. Things people ask about: what have you been up to? The real answer to that is always "blogging. A lot." Not necessarily because I don't do other things, but because I blog 40 hours a week for work, plus about 10-15 hours for writes like a girl. It's a boring answer that is also not something many people "get," so instead I usually mumble about binge-watching Netflix and staying on top of email. Not any more interesting, but at least it's relatable, right? But then where does the conversation go from there?

My best solution for small talk? A wearable conversation starter. The less I have to talk about my day-to-day, the easier it is for me to open up. We are not defined by our nine-to-fives! Wearing a bold scarf or fun brooch is a great way to show your personality and start a conversation about who you are instead of what you do. I can't go anywhere wearing my Love At First Slice pin and not get compliments that turn into fun conversations with strangers. Who needs small talk when you can have surprise new-friend grocery store line chat?

What's your best way to deal with small talk? I'm so interested in your tips!

P.S. apparently this is the week of wearing my usual headscarves as neck scarves. This outfit was inspired by April and her badass bandanas!

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