Was February a roller coaster month for anyone else? I won't get too much into my weirdo month today, but know that it's reflected in my weirdo shopping post. I went into February prepared to do very little shopping. I bought awesome stuff in December and January -- I should be set for the rest of winter, right?? Apparently, no, not right. Austin decided to start spring, um, February 7th or something crazy wonderful and I was not prepared for all the patio sitting and park visiting and general warm office-ness I spent my month doing.

Additionally, to be real transparent here, I hadn't intended on buying the Valentine's outfit you saw. I was slated to work with a brand new company I was really excited about introducing y'all to. I had big plans -- I started working on this back in November! And then things totally fell through and I spent a wild Sunday hitting up every boutique in Austin to put together an outfit worthy of my favorite holiday and your eyes. I thought about not including those Valentine's purchases in my budget, but I always want to be honest here.

All of that said, here's what I bought in February! More weirdness: most of it was thrifted or is now sold out! Womp womp. (Can you tell I've been really looking forward to sharing this budget post??)

what i bought february
Banana Republic Eyelet Tank Top - $14.99 (sold out, not pictured)
Freeway Striped Skater Dress - thrifted $16.00
Stradivarus Gingham Dress - thrifted $14.50
Fire Los Angeles Coral Peter Pan Collar Tank - thrifted $9.99 (not pictured)
Style London Blue and Green Floral Dress - thrifted $14.00 (not pictured)
Sundance Mossy Green Flatforms - thrifted $23.00 (not pictured)
Young Threads Black Floral Dress - thrifted $9.99 (not pictured)
francesca's La Salle Embroidered Blouse - $34
francesca's Navy Skater Dress - $44 (sold out, seen here)
H&M Fuzzy White Coat - thrifted $29 (not pictured, seen here)
STRUT Pink Fringe Purse - $23 (not pictured)

Monthly Total: $262.46
Quarterly Budget Spent: $681.73
Quarterly Budget Remaining: - $181.73

So...uh..that happened. Not a great start to the year, but it is what it is. I'm very excited about my spring purchases so far, though, so maybe I won't need to spend as much in the coming months? I suppose we'll see!

Again with the transparency, I also want to share what I received this month!

what i bought february2

c/o Shopbop (a sponsor of this blog): Brixton Wesley Fedora, Kate Spade Pretty Petals Large Stud Earrings, Soludos Tulip Lace Smoking Slipper Espadrilles

what i bought february3

As always, I'm linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers! Be sure to see what she and everyone else bought in February. Thinking about starting a shopping budget for the year? It's not to late to join in! I'd love to keep up with your monthly purchases through the link-up!

what i bought in february

catly rae jepsen2 catly rae jepsen1 catly rae jepsen3 catly rae jepsen4 catly rae jepsen5 catly rae jepsen8 catly rae jepsen9
jacket: thrifted originally H&M (similar) [previously worn here] // dress: BB Dakota c/o Shopbop (similar) [previously worn here] // shoes: ooold LuLu*s (similar) // purse: vintage Coach via Pieceology Vintage // cat ears: Forever 21 (similar) // keychain: DIY

Dear Carly Rae Jepsen,

When I bought tickets to your E•MO•TION tour, I knew we were going to have a good time. Finally, the time came, and I wanted to make the most of the night. It's true; I didn't just come here to dance, Carly. The way I see it, I'm just your type and we should totally be besties. Let's get lost tonight! Run away with me! Our friendship is all that. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really like you...

Call me maybe?

xo Nic

So, in case you didn't hear my fangirling screams from your state, I saw CRJ in concert on Saturday night and she was phenomenal. She's such a fun performer with a fabulous voice and lots of angsty banter that I was totally about. I danced so hard, sang my head off, and wore the above outfit! Among my fellow Carly Rae fans, cat ears were a perfectly acceptable accessory. Can you believe this is the first time I've worn a pair on the blog? I'm not sure what this says about me, but every time I wear cat ears, someone manages to tell me how natural they look on me. I certainly take it as a compliment -- me-ow!

I know Kimi and Priya are seeing Carly Rae Jepsen in concert in the coming weeks and I can't wait to hear what everyone's favorite part of the show is! Gimme Love was one of my favorite songs she performed, as well as Boy Problems and All That. Man, it was SUCH a great show. Are you seeing her on this tour? Have you seen her before? I don't go to many concerts, so I'm always interested to know what other people would wear to see the same act!

catly rae jepsen


I can't tell if February is flying by or moving like molasses, you know? The days are long, but the weeks don't seem to have enough days (or maybe it's just the weekends that aren't long enough!). One thing I am sure of is that the weather in Austin has been incredible. I know the rest of the country is still very much experiencing winter, but my city has welcomed spring and my heart feels full with the warm sun hitting my skin. I'm working on mindfulness this year, so while the hours of the day may escape me, I'm doing my best to notice and indulge in the little moments that bring me joy: eating lunch on a patio, adding watercolor to paper and watching it become more vibrant, picking up on the exact things Dago does that make me crazy about him. I'm spending less time reading think pieces and more time enjoying a meal with friends and celebrating their successes, big and small.

Anyway, you didn't come here to read me babble on about my month -- you want them links! I've found some real good ones for you!

♥ First things first: I mentioned recently that I was working on something special, and I'm so excited to finally share! My dear friend Michelle just launched a hilarious, relatable, female-driven and written website to accompany her podcast by the same name, I Was Just Saying That. I was fortunate to be asked to contribute a couple of articles for the big launch! You may not know this about me, but I love writing magazine-style quizzes, so I put together this one to help you figure out if your 2016 color of the year is Rose Quartz or Serenity. Also, I know Valentine's has passed, but these Netflix and Chill recommendations still hold up (*wink wink*). Be sure to also check out some fabulous writing by Chelsea and all the other contributors on the site!

♥ It is always my goal to be authentic here on writes like a girl, and I'm so inspired by other bloggers who make a point of doing the same. Case in point: Liz's personal blogger promise.

♥ Everybody go look at Rachel rocking my favorite fringe booties with some fab co-ords in front of the best wall.

♥ I'm always obsessed with packing posts, and Katie totally nailed this one.

♥ Does anyone remember the show State of Grace aka the world's introduction to Mae Whitman and Alia Shawkat aka Arrested Development's Ann and Maeby?? Well, it was also the first time I saw a Jewish character on TV as a kid and it was a super big deal to me. They're having a reunion and, like Buzzfeed, I'm already crying.

♥ Holy meow this DIY is everything I want and need (and everything Contessa doesn't care about).

♥ Okay, so I've been adamantly against every putting flared jeans on again because, goodness, those middle and high school flashbacks are too real. BUT. How hot does Fran look? Can I look like that if I wear flared jeans? Please advise.

♥ A little early on for this sort of shopping, but is this not the most perfect designer for summer?

♥ Things on my wishlist: feminine lace shoes to ring in spring, this pompom blanket for my office, a little midweek sparkle, these beautifully unique frames, and these fierce-as-fuck flats (I have a thing for gold, okay?).

What did you love on the Internet this week?

link love

ameliaearhart12 ameliaearhart9 ameliaearhart10 ameliaearhart1 ameliaearhart2 ameliaearhart7 ameliaearhart5
jacket: old (similar) // sweater: Target // skirt: gifted by Mia, originally ModCloth // tights: Loft // shoes: LuLu*s (similar) // hat: francesca's (similar) // scarf: vintage hand-me-down // purse: vintage via Prototype Vintage

I'm so glad to finally be getting around to sharing this outfit! I actually quickly put this together for April's first Pieceology Vintage pop-up at The Paper + Craft Pantry back in December, but have re-worn it a few times since then. I wanted to wear something vintage-inspired without having competing vintage pieces that might distract from her incredible collection. I don't know about you, but I think I nailed the look! (Also, yes, you may have noticed that this outfit is almost exactly this other outfit. I just can't help wearing this skirt and scarf together!)

I can't help but feel like Amelia Earhart in this outfit. It's true that I mostly feel that way due to the bomber jacket (which I'm pretty sure is actually from Papaya circa 2010???), but when paired with vintage vibes and a neck scarf (the latter of which she's frequently photographed wearing), I'm ready to take flight as one of the world's most notable aviators. Anyone having a historically-themed costume party anytime soon? Hit me up.

In totally-unrelated-to-this-outfit news that I've been waiting for the right time to share, I'm emceeing a conference at the end of this month! I am so excited to announce that I will be emceeing Thrive in The Woodlands (just outside of Houston, for you non-Texans) on February 27. I am still so honored and humbled that founders Whitney and Bree asked me to perform such a big role in the conference, and I can't wait to meet everyone there! I've never emceed anything before, so I'm a wee bit nervous. If you've got any tips for me, I'd definitely love to hear them!

miss amelia

Whoo! It feels like it's taken me forever to get this post all put together, so I'm extra excited to finally share it. Revamping our guest bathroom was one of the first items I added to my 26 before 26 list. It's the room in our apartment that I feel the most insecure about. We lovingly refer to it as the cat's bathroom, because it's where we keep Contessa's litter box, but that also means it's neglected by the humans of the house.

When we first moved in, I bought a blue and white striped shower curtain from Target because I needed to put something up. Along the way, I somehow inherited a couple of yellow bathmats that got dingy rather quickly. All of this to say, it's not cute, it doesn't feel like home, and I hate the thought of having my friends judge me on my mismatched bathroom.

So, after 3 years of living here, it's about damn time I act like this bathroom is a part of our home! First, I had to decide on a look.
bathroom inspiration
images (clockwise): one, two, three, four

I would not describe any other part of our home as Scandinavian-inspired, but when I close my eyes and imagine a comfortable, cozy, clean bathroom, I can't help but picture the pared down, neutral aesthetic of Scandinavian homes. I'm feeling especially inspired by spaces with natural wood elements, bright white backdrops, and utilitarian details all punctuated by a few green plants.

It seems like the first thing I should have decided on was a shower curtain, seeing as it's really the biggest piece in the room. However, I kind of decided on everything else first. Here's where you come in! I'm definitely leaning towards something light and neutral, probably in grey or white (even though I'm obsessed with this one still). Which one do you love? Note that we don't have a window in our bathroom, so we won't have that gorgeous light shining in on it.

bathroom shower curtains
curtains (clockwise): one, two, three, four

The part I've been the most excited to plan is our storage situation. The bathroom is pretty small, but I think the thing that makes or breaks a guest bathroom is having plenty of storage for anything your guest might need. They shouldn't have to poke around looking for extra toilet paper, Febreze, or body wash. Here are a few items I plan to pick up to keep the room simultaneously organized and stylish.

bathroom storage
storage (clockwise): one, two, three, four

Lastly, of course, is the fun stuff! The accessories that personalize the space in little ways. Since we don't have a window, I'm thinking a cactus is probably the best plant for the room. I'm loving the idea of having a few gold accents among the grey, white, and wood, like this gold planter and tray. The other purchase I'm super excited about is a wooden bathmat. I think this is going to be the best way to avoid having cat little stuck on people's feet, since the little pebbles won't get caught in carpet and the wood will be raised off the ground. I feel pretty smart for coming up with it, so hopefully it works as well as I think it will!
bathroom extras
the extras (clockwise): one, two, three, four, five

Hopefully soon I'll be able to share a before and after of my guest bathroom!

my guest bathroom | the game plan

valentines2016-6 valentines2016-9 valentines2016-1 valentines2016-4 valentines2016-2 valentines2016-13 valentines2016-7 valentines2016-8 valentines2016-12 valentines2016-10 valentines2016-11
jacket: thrifted H&M (similar) // dress: francesca's (similar) // shoes: ASOS (currently sold out, but these are similar!) // purse: STRUT // hair clip: francesca's // earrings: Gorjana c/o Shopbop (similar)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Happy Valentine's season, kittens! We're less than a week out and I couldn't be more excited about all the fluffy Lofthouse cookies, assorted chocolates, and heart-adorned stuffed animals in my future. People always ask me what Dago and I are doing for Valentine's, and honestly, I have no idea! I love him and I know we'll have fun no matter what we do, but Valentine's is all about Sisterhood for me. Leslie Knope aptly reclaimed the holiday for her favorite ladies, calling it Galentine's, and I'm all about that too. I've got two Galentine's parties this week, and I plan on wearing this 'fit to 'em both. And then again for my Valentine's date (probably to see Deadpool and eat wings, if we're being honest). How could you not want to wear this, like, every day??

Most of you know by now that I buy myself a Valentine's dress every year (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 - lol!). I have also ~historically~ worn the Valentine's dress to every wedding I attended that year. Well, this year, I'll be wearing this bridesmaids dress (in navy) to the only wedding I'm attending, so I'm mixing things up a little bit! I decided on a similarly navy dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner, and instead let my accessories do all the sweet talkin' for Valentine's.

Everything started with these shoes. Holy moly, I haven't been so giddy about a purchase in a long time. Metallic pink, ankle straps, chunky heels, and pointy toes; I couldn't ask for anything more! And then, I stumbled upon the purse on Instagram while I was in the dressing room trying on this dress. My fav local boutique STRUT posted it, and I went straight there, walked in, and said "I need the furry purse from your Instagram."

Lastly, I knew I needed a jacket. It's the one thing I'd wished I'd had for last year's outfit, because Valentine's is still very much in winter, even in Austin, and especially at night. I've secretly been wanting a fuzzy jacket after falling in love with April's. Albeit, mine is significantly more on the ridiculous side of things.

What I love most is that I can wear these accessories all year round and keep a little Valentine's spirit with me, no matter the season. In fact, I think I may just wear them all with jeans and a t-shirt as soon as V-day is over!

What are you wearing to celebrate the holiday of love this year? Do you have any fun traditions for Valentine's? I have so many cards to make and send still!

you make my heart all warm and fuzzy

chartruese polka dots1 chartruese polka dots2 chartruese polka dots3 chartruese polka dots4 chartruese polka dots5 chartruese polka dots6 chartruese polka dots7 chartruese polka dots8 chartruese polka dots9
sweater: Old Navy // shirt: Forever 21 (similar) // jeans: Old Navy // shoes: old LuLu*s (similar) // purse: vintage Coach via Piecelogy Vintage // necklace: Old Navy (similar)

Dear chartreuse sweater, 

When I first bought you, I wasn't sure I was going to like your exaggerated side-slits. But then, I got to know your color, and I saw how well you got along with the other clothes in my closet, and I couldn't help but want to spend all my time wearing you. You know, I think I like like you. Yeah. I do.

Love, Nic

Dear polka dot button down,

It was summertime when we met in Forever 21. I had a handful of brightly colored dresses and tank tops piled in my arms, ready to keep me cool through the remaining summer months in Austin. But I couldn't put you back. I knew that, though I wouldn't wear you any time soon, you would be in constant rotation as soon as the temperature dropped just a little bit. I was right, and I'm so thankful you came into my life when you did. I don't just like you, polka dot button down, I like like you.

xo, Nic

Dear Rockstar jeans,

This was a matchmaker situation if there ever was one! All of my friends kept telling me what a great pair you are, and how they thought we'd make a good fit. After weeks of bashful hesitation, I finally went to Old Navy to see if we might run into each other. You weren't there, but I realized how much my heart was already invested in getting to know you. I went straight home to find you online, and just days later we finally met in person (in pants?) for the first time. Everyone was right; you just make me feel so comfortable being myself, and when you're around, I feel like I can do anything! I like like you....and I might even be falling in love.

Yours truly, Nic

Dear black ankle strap flats,

We've known each other a long time. You've always been there for me, through rain or shine, in hot and cold. We've grown a lot since we first met, years ago now, but I worry that we're growing apart. I think you have some work to do, deep inside. You've become too worn after all these years, and I think it's best if you take the time to heal. You know I'll always like like you -- you're my favorite pair, and this hurts more than you know -- but I think it's time we go our separate ways.

Fondly, Nic

Dear vintage Coach purse,

I felt so starstruck the first time we met. I'd heard such great things about you, and it seemed silly almost that we'd never once crossed paths. Then one day, you just showed up, and I couldn't let you go. You're a little older than the others, but the heart wants what it wants. I say it just makes you wiser, and you've certainly aged well! I've loved getting to know you these past few weeks, and my heart grows fonder and fonder as I learn more about you. You're such a beautiful part of my every day. I know it seems early in our relationship, but I need to let you know that I more than like you. I like like you. I hope you feel the same.

See you soon, Nic

i like like you


Well hi, y'all! I feel like I've been a little quiet around here lately, but it's always weird as a blogger to know if you feel that too. I promised a Wednesday post that didn't get finished due to a surprise stress sick I developed on Tuesday. I haven't put up a link love post in a month. I've been low on energy and low on words. But I'm here today! I'm still kickin' y'all! I have so many cool links saved up that it just felt selfish not to share, so here we are!

♥ First things first: Some of you may know that Dago's mom was diagnosed with colon cancer over Christmas of 2014. After 14 months of surgery, chemo, and fighting, she got the news that that she is cancer free and ready to get back to her life. She is the strongest person I have ever met, and cancer is just one of the battles she's overcome with grace, faith, and gumption. However, the financial strain has been devastating over the last year. We had a lot of requests to start a GoFundMe so that people could support her in overcoming the last of this battle, and yesterday Dago went ahead and put that together. I don't typically put this sort of thing, something so personal to my family, out on the blog, but I wanted to share the link with y'all because she is so fiercely important to me, and that's what this space it for. To those of you who have showed your support on Twitter or via text already, I can't thank you enough. Okay, enough mushy stuff (for now!).

♥ Can we talk about a blogger who has just stolen my whole heart? Katie is kind, authentic, funny, and the best dressed girl on the block. Give her a follow, y'all. You won't regret it. (Okay, maybe that wasn't all the mushy stuff. I have a lot of feels, y'all.)

♥ I'm a rare kind of early adopter. I sign up for everything as soon as it's in beta, basically, but don't always commit to using it. In particular, I'm bad about keeping up with apps that make it easy to get great music, podcasts, etc. on the reg. I'm finally using Spotify regularly, after getting an early invite yearsandyearsandyears ago. Thankfully, Kristabel has a playlist for every occasion! What are you listening to and loving lately?

♥ Oh, and speaking of podcasts, Katrina has three great pod suggestions for bloggers!

♥ Something a little sad, a lot hilarious, and totally concise.

♥ More enamel pins for your wishlist, because duh.

♥ Is it too late for a fur scarf? Kimi makes me want one, like, yesterday.

♥ Do you watch The Bachelor? Dago and I are watching for the first time this season, and we're totally sold. This open letter to Bachelor Ben Higgins has all the feelings you've been feeling but haven't put into words.

♥ I'm still trying to limit my shopping this month, but here are a few things I have in my cart: these perfect-for-spring earrings, this put-it-on-me-now dress, these throw-on-and-go flats, these great-for-Galentine's gifties, and these from-bridesmaid-to-brunch shoes.

link love

blue blazer gold blouse1 blue blazer gold blouse2 blue blazer gold blouse6 blue blazer gold blouse3 blue blazer gold blouse5
blazer: hand-me-up from my brother (similar) // blouse: Forever 21 (very similar) // jeans: Gap Factory // shoes: LuLu*s (love these) // scarf: thrifted (last seen here) // bag: Old Navy

Want to hear a fact about me that will literally surprise no one? I always wear a blazer to my annual review. Even to my former barista job. I get so absurdly nervous before a review that I always feel like my stomach is going to fall out of my butt. Not because I think I've done a bad job; I'm really confident in my work! I just can't help but worry that I'll be blindsided with news that I'm actually not as good at my job as I've thought, or, worse, that I'm no longer valuable in my role.

Over the weekend, I was on a work retreat and I convinced everyone to take The Enneagram. If you're not familiar, this is one of those personality tests similar to Myers-Briggs that tells you some interesting stuff about your strengths and weaknesses. I'm always interested at work to learn how my personality type can work best with others by really understanding each other on a deeper level, rather than just forcing our own personal strengths on one another.

I was actually surprised by the title of my results: The Achiever. That is, until I started reading the characteristics of my type. Strengths: Optimistic and upbeat, staying informed, good motivator, being able to make things work efficiently, able to recover from setbacks and charge ahead to the next challenge. These are great and all, but what really struck me was how deeply I identified to my challenges: the fear of not being -- or not being seen as -- successful, struggling to hang on to my success, comparing myself to people who do things better (even if not my own thing), and being exhausted from always being "on." Man, that last one is really the kicker.

I've always been a person who worked harder than everyone else. Not in a "first to arrive, last to leave" sort of way, but in an "I need to have three jobs in three different fields in order to be satisfied" type of way. I was over-curriculared in high school between theatre, speech, choir, and other activities I picked up along the way. In college, I was a full-time student with three different jobs at any given time. Even once I graduated, I felt like I couldn't just stick to one thing. Now, I'm an Editor by day, podcaster by night, and blogger by every minute in between. And, if you know me well, then you've definitely heard me consider taking on a side gig too when I see an opportunity that I think I'll find enjoyable.

A hard truth I faced this weekend is that I am afraid if I stop being "on" for even a minute, I'll lose my success. Friends have been suggesting for the last few months that I should take a blogging break, since I can't remember the last time I did. I had a decent-sized meltdown a few weeks ago when I picked up a few writing assignments for a new project and, as literally as one can, ran out of words. I fought the idea of taking a break so hard. This is a space I love! Won't I be irritable or anxious without putting energy into creating content? But, I realized, what is more honest is that I'm afraid that a week off will result in losing you. Losing a sponsor. Missing out on an opportunity. Being seen as inconsistent or losing my balance.

It's in my nature to want to be stable, dependable, responsible, and, most of all, successful. I love hitting publish on a post and seeing it go live the next day. Watching comments to come in on a blog post or likes on an Instagram photo is my modern version of receiving words of affirmation from people who find value in what I do. I want, need, so deeply to be valuable to people.

But I also know that I can't be valuable to everyone, and I can't be valuable to anyone if I run myself into the ground. It's almost silly -- this is a lesson I've had to learn again and again and again. Like, at least six agains, if not probably way more. Having such a visceral reaction to reading "finds being 'on' all the time exhausting" was enough for me to recognize that I need to take a step back. I'm not going anywhere, but I've got to be a little more realistic and gentle with myself regarding success. Funny enough, all of these realizations parallel perfectly with my New Year's resolutions!

I'm so interested to know what your Enneagram type is! I linked to the free test above, and it's a quick one you can take when you need a break from responding to emails. If you happen to be a Type 3, The Achiever, like me (and like Dago, coincidentally), how can we be better? (Gosh, isn't that such a Type 3 thing to say!)

the achiever

small goals february
Whew. We made it. Was January more of a tornado than a whirlwind start to the year for anyone else? It started off strong, sure, but quickly spiraled kind of out of control for me. I put too much on my plate, and I didn't take enough time for me to be well. I am readyreadyready for a new month. Before I can officially usher in February, let's say goodbye to January by seeing what I checked off my goals list!

1. plan a bridal shower | done...twice? I did plan a bridal shower, but after talking to the bride more about the guest list, we decided on something smaller, so those plans sort of went out the window. I have a new plan and a date set, but haven't taken action on the specifics (made a reservation, bought gift bags, etc.) because it's a little too far in advance. Next step: invitations!
2. make headway on our guest bathroom | I've got a plan that you should stay tuned for, oh, this Wednesday? So excited to share! I've already ordered a few pieces and have a little more shopping to do, but it's coming along nicely!
3. no clothing purchases | alright, so I mentioned in my January budget post that I did technically purchase a pair of shoes for Valentine's Day. Here's why I'm not counting this as a fail on my goal: I used a Visa gift card that I received from work, so not my "own" money, and 2. I would have waited until February to buy them, but as a blogger, I needed to be able to take the photos ahead of time in order to share here. (#bloggerproblems) I really didn't miss shopping very much for most of the month, but I had a very sad spurt at the end of the month which usually would have been an excuse to shop. I was strong and didn't give in!
4. give our apartment "gym" a try | done! I *did* go, even if it was only one time. January kicked my butt, but I'm going to make more time to exercise because I can tell that I feel worse when I don't.
5. pick up some watercolors | done! I'm in LOVE! Expect to see a lot more watercolor fun from me in the future, but here are a few little paintings I did this month: one, two, three.

Starting off 2016 strong with 5/5! I'm honestly shocked that I finished anything when I was feeling so overwhelmed and crummy, but I think I at least set myself up for success from the beginning of the month by getting supplies, making a strong schedule, and sticking to my guns. Now, if only I can keep it up for February!

1. meal plan every week | the current challenge with intuitive eating that I've been working through is grocery shopping. I tend to not buy enough food, either for home or for work, but meal planning has been helping me do a better job. I hope to make it a weekly habit in February!
2. add clothing item tags to blog posts | this is something I've been wanting to do for a while. I'd love to be able to link to all the times I've worn my Sam Edelman booties, for instance, instead of just using a "booties" tag or tracking down every relevant post each time I need it. Fran does this, and I love that I can see how many times and ways she's worn a particular item, especially over the years!
3. design and order new business cards | I'm going to a blogging conference in Houston at the end of February (more on this soon!), and I need updated business cards for the blog, as well as a stack for the podcast! Gotta get that Moo order in ASAP for them to come in on time!
4. mail Valentine's to people I love | making Valentine's is one of my favorite yearly traditions, but for some reason I've never mailed any to my far-away friends! Excited to get crafty and send some love through the mail.
5. do my taxes | this is pretty self-explanatory. I just want to get it done as early as possible this year!

Made a few of your own small goals for February? Add your link below, mention this link-up in your own post, and check out what everyone else has on deck for the next month!

february | small goals

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