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Well hi, y'all! I feel like I've been a little quiet around here lately, but it's always weird as a blogger to know if you feel that too. I promised a Wednesday post that didn't get finished due to a surprise stress sick I developed on Tuesday. I haven't put up a link love post in a month. I've been low on energy and low on words. But I'm here today! I'm still kickin' y'all! I have so many cool links saved up that it just felt selfish not to share, so here we are!

♥ First things first: Some of you may know that Dago's mom was diagnosed with colon cancer over Christmas of 2014. After 14 months of surgery, chemo, and fighting, she got the news that that she is cancer free and ready to get back to her life. She is the strongest person I have ever met, and cancer is just one of the battles she's overcome with grace, faith, and gumption. However, the financial strain has been devastating over the last year. We had a lot of requests to start a GoFundMe so that people could support her in overcoming the last of this battle, and yesterday Dago went ahead and put that together. I don't typically put this sort of thing, something so personal to my family, out on the blog, but I wanted to share the link with y'all because she is so fiercely important to me, and that's what this space it for. To those of you who have showed your support on Twitter or via text already, I can't thank you enough. Okay, enough mushy stuff (for now!).

♥ Can we talk about a blogger who has just stolen my whole heart? Katie is kind, authentic, funny, and the best dressed girl on the block. Give her a follow, y'all. You won't regret it. (Okay, maybe that wasn't all the mushy stuff. I have a lot of feels, y'all.)

♥ I'm a rare kind of early adopter. I sign up for everything as soon as it's in beta, basically, but don't always commit to using it. In particular, I'm bad about keeping up with apps that make it easy to get great music, podcasts, etc. on the reg. I'm finally using Spotify regularly, after getting an early invite yearsandyearsandyears ago. Thankfully, Kristabel has a playlist for every occasion! What are you listening to and loving lately?

♥ Oh, and speaking of podcasts, Katrina has three great pod suggestions for bloggers!

♥ Something a little sad, a lot hilarious, and totally concise.

♥ More enamel pins for your wishlist, because duh.

♥ Is it too late for a fur scarf? Kimi makes me want one, like, yesterday.

♥ Do you watch The Bachelor? Dago and I are watching for the first time this season, and we're totally sold. This open letter to Bachelor Ben Higgins has all the feelings you've been feeling but haven't put into words.

♥ I'm still trying to limit my shopping this month, but here are a few things I have in my cart: these perfect-for-spring earrings, this put-it-on-me-now dress, these throw-on-and-go flats, these great-for-Galentine's gifties, and these from-bridesmaid-to-brunch shoes.

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