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Whoo! It feels like it's taken me forever to get this post all put together, so I'm extra excited to finally share it. Revamping our guest bathroom was one of the first items I added to my 26 before 26 list. It's the room in our apartment that I feel the most insecure about. We lovingly refer to it as the cat's bathroom, because it's where we keep Contessa's litter box, but that also means it's neglected by the humans of the house.

When we first moved in, I bought a blue and white striped shower curtain from Target because I needed to put something up. Along the way, I somehow inherited a couple of yellow bathmats that got dingy rather quickly. All of this to say, it's not cute, it doesn't feel like home, and I hate the thought of having my friends judge me on my mismatched bathroom.

So, after 3 years of living here, it's about damn time I act like this bathroom is a part of our home! First, I had to decide on a look.
bathroom inspiration
images (clockwise): one, two, three, four

I would not describe any other part of our home as Scandinavian-inspired, but when I close my eyes and imagine a comfortable, cozy, clean bathroom, I can't help but picture the pared down, neutral aesthetic of Scandinavian homes. I'm feeling especially inspired by spaces with natural wood elements, bright white backdrops, and utilitarian details all punctuated by a few green plants.

It seems like the first thing I should have decided on was a shower curtain, seeing as it's really the biggest piece in the room. However, I kind of decided on everything else first. Here's where you come in! I'm definitely leaning towards something light and neutral, probably in grey or white (even though I'm obsessed with this one still). Which one do you love? Note that we don't have a window in our bathroom, so we won't have that gorgeous light shining in on it.

bathroom shower curtains
curtains (clockwise): one, two, three, four

The part I've been the most excited to plan is our storage situation. The bathroom is pretty small, but I think the thing that makes or breaks a guest bathroom is having plenty of storage for anything your guest might need. They shouldn't have to poke around looking for extra toilet paper, Febreze, or body wash. Here are a few items I plan to pick up to keep the room simultaneously organized and stylish.

bathroom storage
storage (clockwise): one, two, three, four

Lastly, of course, is the fun stuff! The accessories that personalize the space in little ways. Since we don't have a window, I'm thinking a cactus is probably the best plant for the room. I'm loving the idea of having a few gold accents among the grey, white, and wood, like this gold planter and tray. The other purchase I'm super excited about is a wooden bathmat. I think this is going to be the best way to avoid having cat little stuck on people's feet, since the little pebbles won't get caught in carpet and the wood will be raised off the ground. I feel pretty smart for coming up with it, so hopefully it works as well as I think it will!
bathroom extras
the extras (clockwise): one, two, three, four, five

Hopefully soon I'll be able to share a before and after of my guest bathroom!

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