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I hope y'all had a fabulous International Women's Day this week! Typically, I buy flowers for all the women in my life to celebrate, but time got away from me this year and I'm pretty bummed about it. Luckily, the women I love love me with or without flowers! Similarly, I realized this week after putting my goals post into the world that y'all love me just as much posting three posts a week as you do when I post four, and if three makes me a more sane human and a more human human, you'll love that too. So, I think that's the plan for now! I know these Friday posts are well-loved, and I'd rather put time into reading blogs and sharing content I loved from other people online than throw together a last minute Wednesday post. That said, let's get into some links!

♥ Speaking of International Women's Day, Michelle Obama's speech from Tuesday has me all kinds of inspired. (Skip to 3:12 for the good stuff.) Goodness, I'm going to miss her in the White House!

♥ Chrystina did a stellar Thrive recap that you should definitely read because it's full of tips and tricks we learned from the best!

♥ Bummed that you missed out on Thrive? The lovely Mallory put together a killer list of creative conferences in 2016 so you can find the event that's right for you!

♥ Sarah has been killing it lately. I would never wish for more winter, but I do wish for a fancy sweater like this one! Cannot get over how well she styled this 'fit!

♥ I've spent a lot of time thinking about the "root" of my feminism, and a lot of the films on this list definitely helped make me into the feminist and sisterhood advocate I am today! What was the first movie that made you feel all feministy inside?

♥ No surprise here, Jen is still the coolest kid on the block.

♥ While I think at least some of you are mamas, I know most of you aren't. Having kids is something I've never been too sure about for me, though it's been on my mind I guess as I'm getting older and it seems like more and more people my age are making the decision to procreate (see, proof I'm not ready!). Speaking of not being ready, I really loved Julie's post on being uncertain about parenthood. I realized that I have a lot more thoughts about this than I was aware of. Maybe someday I'll share them here!

♥ I thoroughly enjoyed Nick's piece analyzing his life in numbers. Also, if you haven't checked out his podcast Never Not Here For You, get on that. The most recent episodes include he and his partner Megan answering 36 Questions, The Modern Love Experiment. It's super lovely and makes me feel all warm inside, and hopefully will do the same for you!

♥ On my wishlist: these classy-ass sandals, this incredible sundress, these killuh florals for spring, these too-cool-for-me earrings, this presh tank, and these hella pretty bras.

What did you love on the Internet this week? What are you up to this weekend?

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