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dress: Reverie Vintage // shoes: c/o francesca's // brooch: vintage family hand-me-down

From the post title, you might have thought this was going to be a post of my frolicking in some flowers alongside a highway. But, no. This is the story of a dress and a life-defining moment. Sometimes we are faced with the decision to continue on the path we are on or to change our course in hopes of greatness. It's this decision that brought a incredible rose-covered vintage dress into my life.

You see, Chelsea and I were out on a Sunday morning, shooting outfit photos as we are known to do. We were about to do our last outfit when we drove past a vintage pop-up next to one of South Austin's most poppin' brunch restaurants. The mannequin facing the street was wearing the prettiest dress, all covered in roses and looking just about my size. Chelsea noted it aloud just as it stole my heart from afar, saying we should stop by after our shoot.

We took some pics (which, of course, you'll see soon!) and scurried right over to the pop-up. I was so eager to shop that I basically made a parking spot on the edge of the sidewalk. We rushed over and undressed the mannequin and Chelsea helped pull the dress over my clothes right in the middle of the restaurant's lawn. A perfect fit! The pockets, the buttons on the back, the midi length, the sweet print, I just needed it all.

We started chatting with the shop owner, Helen of Reverie Vintage, who shared that she'd just moved to Austin from Korea, so many of her pieces were vintage from Japan. She was so knowledgeable and, honestly, I had to hand her my card and pay before I started browsing the racks because I knew otherwise I'd inadvertently end up leaving with another item! She had some killer clothes!

Since we were already shooting outfits, I ran to my car and changed clothes, where I remembered that this gold brooch has been living in my cup holder for a few months. Isn't it just the perfect addition?? I love that we were able to take these photos in the midst of the excitement and on such a pretty spring day in Austin. It really doesn't get better than that!

Have you added any vintage to your closet recently? Are you in the business of buying pretty things on the side of the road?

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