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winter best and worst buys

I wanted to try something new this year since I'm now shopping on a quarterly budget and share my best and worst buys of the season with y'all. I'm hoping this will help me cut down on impulse buys and make an effort to return online purchases that don't work.

First, let's do a little breakdown!

Months Shopped: December, January, February
Items Purchased: 25
Items Received: 9 (marked as c/o in all posts)
Total Spent: $653.73

The Best: I have definitely worn these four items more than any other for the last few months. I wasn't sure if I'd include an item that was part of a sponsorship in this post, but I love my Madewell Field Parka too much not to include. I honestly would buy it all over again with my own money, and recommend that others add this piece to their winter wardrobe as well. It's a killer coat, especially for the price. My favorite part is the fuzzy lining that can be removed, because it makes the coat both extra warm and extra wearable when it isn't obscenely cold. Yay options!

My Zella Live-In Leggings not only got me through the holidays, but truly lived up to their name in that I've lived in them since. Weekends, workouts, and work days all saw my Zellas, and they were appropriate, comfortable, sleek.

The Loft Two-in-One Sweater is one I plan to wear again next winter, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for this shape in future. I feel great in it and had to force myself not to wear it every single day.

Lastly, the Loft Relaxed Shirred Henley Blouse is something I'm so excited to own and wear for a long time. I'm pretty sure my weight could fluctuate and I would still fit in this blouse, which is a huge plus for me at this point in my life. It's such beautiful quality and looks great with everything from jeans to skirts to Zella leggings.

winter buys best
Madewell Field Parka c/o Shopbop (sold out), Loft Flecked Two-in-One Sweater (sold out), Loft Relaxed Shirred Henley Blouse (sold out) , Zella Live-In Leggings

The Worst: I have a bad habit of deciding I need something -- something specific or something in general -- and then buying the first thing I find with good reviews and a good sale. Case in point: all three of these items on my worst list. With winter coming back in December, I wanted to stock up on sweaters. J.Crew Factory was running a great Black Friday sale, so I decided I'd pick a couple. The Chevron Stitch Boatneck Sweater looked super comfy online and I started planning outfits around it before I even got it in my cart. Unfortunately, that boatneck is not cute on me, and the ends of the sleeves fit oddly large around my wrists. I think I wore the sweater twice, and I felt uncomfortable and top-heavy both times.

I also picked up the turtleneck, hoping I'd finally found The One. J.Crew Factory's tops have been known to run large, so I didn't bother sizing up for an oversized look. Well, this particular sweater is long, but slim-fitted, which is far from my fav. Let's just say it's a lumpier look than I was going for. However, even had fit not been an issue, it never once got cold enough to wear the darn sweater anyway. I wore it once to work and was miserably warm and constricted the whole day. Never again.

Lastly is the Loft Pocket blouse, which did actually make it to the blog. This blouse is loved by bloggers everywhere and I bought it on recommendation from Fran. I love the way her blue blouse fits her, but something about the shape of this top is off on me. I still can't put my finger on what it is, but I think the neckline may have something to do with it, as well as the length of the sleeves when rolled. Oddly enough, I actually tried this one on in the dressing room, rather than buying it online. Decidedly, I really wanted it to work more than it really did work. I took something home that I knew, in the back of my mind, I wasn't confident in. I'm hoping to get this listed on Poshmark soon!

winter worst buys
J.Crew Factory Chevron Stitch Boatneck Sweater, J.Crew Factory Cable-Knit TunicLoft Pocket Blouse

So there's that: the best and worst buys from last quarter. I'm already trying to limit my hurried online shopping and instead I'm planning to take the time to shop in person, when possible. What do y'all think of this post? Is is interesting enough to you for me to do them each quarter? Let me know! Also, I'm interested to know what your best and worst buys from last season were!

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