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With another birthday behind me, it's time to recap my birthday bucket list from the last year! I have to say, I get better and better at setting these goals every year, which is good because I have to set more and more goals every year I get older. In year 25, I accomplished more of my birthday bucket list goals than any previous year!

Here's my 26 before 26 list for the last time, now with strike-outs through everything I completed!

26 before 26 check in

01. Road trip to Marfa | Completed 9/17-9/20. Read about my trip here.
02: Go to Pedernales State Falls Park | Completed 6/13.
03: Visit malls in 3 different cities | Completed! Premium Outlets in San Marcos, The Woodlands Mall in The Woodlands, NorthPark Center in Dallas. 
05: Host a blogger event | This ended up looking a little differently than I anticipated. However, I emceed Thrive on 2/27 and hosted styling events for primarily bloggers + creatives at francesca's on 3/15 (recap here) and ModCloth on 5/3 (recap here).
06: Secure a blog sponsor | Completed 7/30. I've loved working with Shopbop to discover and share brands worth investing in.
07: Participate in a link up every month | I have participated in Fran's budgeting bloggers link-up every month for the last year. You can check out those posts here.
09: Journal every day for one month | I journaled every day in November using Grid Diary.
10: Go one whole month without shopping | After failing at this in July, I successfully did not shop during the month of January!
11: Buy a dryer | Completed 7/18.
12: Revamp our guest bathroom | Completed 2/24. (Post coming soon, I promise!)
13: Keep a few plants alive in our apartment | In addition to our snake plant, we've added two more medium-size plants and several smaller pots here and there.
14: Go to the farmers' market | Completed 5/1.
15: Go to the flea market | Completed 10/2.
17: Attend a crafting workshop | I've actually done quite a few crafting workshops in the last year thanks to The Paper + Craft Pantry!
18: Get a massage | Completed 4/17.
21: Bake lemon bars | Completed 8/23.
23: Pose for a confidence shoot | Completed 9/19 in Marfa, TX.
24: Speak to students about blogging & dream jobs | Completed 4/6.
26: Give gifts for no reason | Done throughout the year!
Total: 19 out of 26

Not Completed:
04: Travel to an out-of-state blog friend | This is the goal I'm most disappointed about not achieving. However, I decided on a Capital One Venture Card when choosing a credit card back in December, which earns miles/travel points as I use it. It's a great incentive to get me traveling!
08: Send a letter every month | Nope nope nope. I maybe sent two postcards all year?
16: Go to the dentist | Ugh, I did not overcome my fear of the dentist. Maybe next year?
19: Try acupuncture | I wanted to schedule this sometime after my massage, but I ran out of time and needed to allocate the funds elsewhere.
20: Complete Duolingo's Spanish course | I didn't really factor in how much actual time this was going to take when I made it a goal. While it's true that I could have made the time, I did plenty this year and feel fine leaving this off my plate.
22: Watch 5 Audrey Hepburn movies | I did finally watch Breakfast at Tiffany's, but didn't get around to any more Audrey movies after that.
25: Contribute writing to HelloGiggles | While I did contribute writing elsewhere (like I Was Just Saying That), I decided that HG wasn't the right fit for what I wanted to be writing. Not so much a fail as a changed goal.
Total: 7 out of 26

That's all, folks! Stay tuned for my 27 before 27 list later this week (spoiler alert: it's a good one), and be sure to check out my tips for making your own birthday bucket list!

25 before 25
24 before 24

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