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What. A. Week. Y'all. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that my week started with drinks with a woman I really admire, then I hosted a private shopping night at ModCloth IRL (recap coming soon!), and then Dago ruptured his Achilles' tendon and had to have surgery. The latter of which meant that I took the majority of the week off of work and that I spent a big ole chunk of time waiting alone in a hospital. I tend to side-eye use of this phrase, but this week was a whirlwind.

Luckily for you, I had a crazy-productive weekend last weekend and I actually put this whole post together then (minus this intro, obvi). Without further ado (because I need a nap hella badly), here are some lovely links for you to enjoy!

♥ My girl Chelsea was profiled in Lady ATX Mag! If you've ever wanted to know a little more about the gal behind the camera, this one's for you!

♥ Hilary wrote about sisterhood and supporting other women (two of my favorite things!) and gave me the sweetest shout out!

♥ Kristen Bell on mental illness is the mic drop a lot of people need to hear.

♥ This magician convinced a lady that space crabs turned into cats right before her eyes. I nearly peed watching this, so laugh at your own risk!

♥ You've maybe been to a blog conference, but have you ever planned one? Chrystina shared her biggest lessons from putting on The Blog Connect last year and there's a lot to learn here even if you don't anticipate planning a conference of your own!

♥ An ode to chicken tenders. Because obvi.

♥ Kimi put together the coolest post (there are sliders!) about her spring staples and a bunch of different ways she's worn them throughout the season. 

♥ Did you watch The Secret World of Alex Mac? These Where Are They Now photos are exactly what you should expect, but definitely don't. (P.S. This link goes to Maxim, but I *swear* the article is totally safe for work -- and hilarious!)

♥ I had a lot of feels about this article about "medium-sized women," most of them being "yes."

♥ A Mother's Day-themed shopping list (since, you know, that's coming up!): these summery cheese boards, these lightweight scarves, this pair of easy weekend shoes, these adorable trays, this pretty robe, and these gold cuff bracelets.

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