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TGIF! I hope you have a weekend ahead that's filled with pool time, pretty sights, and plenty of snacks.  Before you dive in (har har har), here's some links to get you through the last bit of the week.

♥ My girl Priya (who celebrated her birthday last weekend!) shared her 10 wardrobe essentials. I'm always curious to see what people can't live without in their closet! I definitely agree on several of these (jean jacket, black skinnies, full skirt), but love that some are perfectly Priya choices like a silk blouse, graphic tee, and trousers.

♥ If you, like me, are a sucker for interviews with women talking shop about their similar experiences in a given field, this actress roundtable is right up your alley.

♥ Sarah has the most enviable collection of shoes, so I can't help but make suggestions when I see her add new dresses to her closet. Creepy? Maybe. Am I usually right? See what Sarah has to say about that.

♥ Four words: Lisa Frank Zebra Cakes.

♥ I haven't used a dating app in about (actually, almost exactly) five years. However, if I were, I would def be on Bumble due to their commitment to supporting women who use their app!

♥ I'm a huge advocate for therapy, but know that it's not feasible for everyone. I really enjoyed this piece on ManRepeller about ways to care for yourself when you can't afford a therapist (and how to know when it's time to prioritize seeking outside help).

♥ My style (and life) soul sister Katie recreated one of my outfits with the same skirt and she effing killed it. Now she just needs to come visit me so we can wear them out on the town for margaritas!

♥ Did everyone else know that Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez are BFFs but me? Because this is my new fav friendship.

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