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It's that time. Actually, it's nearly a year beyond that time, so it's extra that time. I am in serious need of a new pair of specs, y'all! I have loved and loved and loved my pair of Bonlook frames that I bought in October 2013. Unfortunately, they don't carry my Simply Fabulous frames anymore, so I've been on the lookout for a new pair I'll love just as much.

There are so many pairs to choose from! I wish all these sites had been out when I was a kid. The coolest pair I had growing up were Mary-Kate and Ashley, and while they were pretty fly, they don't hold a candle to these sweet specs.

While I definitely need a replacement for my everyday glasses, I'm interested in getting a second fancy, funky pair. I think you'll see the trend in what I'm looking for in each pretty quickly!

First up is my beloved Bonlook. I know I've only owned the one pair, but I feel very loyal to them as a brand. I met some of the people behind the Canadian brand at Texas Style Council 2013 and have been proud to tell people where my glasses are from ever since.

bonlook glassesone | two | three | four

Of these three brands, I think Bonlook fits my style -- and face shape -- the best. I have a tough time narrowing down my favorites because the shape of frames are exactly what I look for in glasses: taller than wide, rounded, feminine. I've personally always hated short, wide frames on my face, but these long, round pairs mimic my own face shape, and I find them super flattering!

The one downside is that Bonlook doesn't do an at-home try-on. For most people, this is a deal breaker. I'm certainly sure people have been asking them to do it for years. Instead, they do a virtual try-on that actually works really well. In giving their site access to your webcam, they place the glasses right where they go on your face in the video. You're able to move around and get a feel for how they'll fit, which I've found to be very accurate compared to similar features on other sites.

warby parker glassesone | two

Warby Parker is nearly synonymous with cool girl glasses, so of course I had to give them a try. I actually have an at-home try on box currently with five pairs (Percel, ColeyCollis, Haskell and Chelsea). I like two of them -- the two seen above -- pretty well. But neither are quite perfect.

I love the boldness of the Haskell, but the nose piece being almost flush with the top of the frames looks sort of masculine and harsh on me. Dago really likes them, but I think it might be because he really doesn't like the Chelsea. I do like the Chelsea a lot, so I'm putting a pin in them as my possible statement pair.

It's great that I was able to try them all on because the frames, in general, didn't fit the way I anticipated. Overall, I didn't find them to be all that flattering on me, especially compared to the Bonlook picks.
dharma co glassesone | two

Last up is a company I've followed for a while, but have never shopped: Dharma Eyewear Co. While I wasn't feeling the majority of the frames, I do like Karma quite a bit -- enough to like it in two colors! Dharma also does a free at-home try-on, so I may give them a try depending on how things go with Bonlook.

Have you shopped any of these brands, or do you have another favorite? Do any of these pairs seem to scream Nicole to you? I love opinions and glasses!

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