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skirt: J.Crew Factory (wearing a size 8, which is usual for JCF for me, though I'm usually a 10 elsewhere) // top: Lush // purse: Ann Taylor // shoes: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop (more gold flats)

When Chelsea and I were shooting these photos, she asked if this was my Fourth of July outfit. No, nope. I just really like red, white, and blue together. What can I say, Katie's been rubbing off on me! I actually intended this to be a navy, white, and gold outfit, but my fav Ann Taylor purse looked too good to not bring it along.

This J.Crew Factory skirt was the result of a really fantastic shopping trip over Memorial Day weekend. I had a handful of things I'd been waiting to try on there since April, so I decided to use the extra sales as an excuse to head down to the outlet mall in San Marcos. Having waited two months to try stuff on, I felt a lot less likely to fall into my impulse shopping trap. I'll talk more about this in my June budget update at the end of month, but I knew exactly what I was shopping for and I left with items I'm obsessed with, instead of having fleeting excitement about. I also picked up this skirt on the same trip, which I shared yesterday!

I've already worn this exact outfit twice and I've worn the skirt three times since purchasing it. It looks so much more sophisticated that I usually think of JCF as being. The quality of this skirt is excellent (plus it's lined! and it has pockets!). I've wanted a striped skirt for a while, but have worried about styling it. Two things make this striped skirt easy for me to work with: the stripes are vertical, rather than horizontal, and the "white" stripes actually have thinner navy stripes in them. With horizontally-striped skirts, I always feel that I'm fidgeting with how my shirt aligns with the stripes. These vertical stripes are not only flattering, but they don't cause any awkward styling issues with blouses. As for the not-actually-white stripes, I've often felt that white and navy (or white and black) striped skirts appear so stark, more like a costume than a chic article of clothing. It's hard to see in photo, but the overall affect of the extra stripes looks better to my eyes!

Whether you're looking for a Fourth of July outfit idea or summer work wear inspiration, I seriously recommend this skirt. I can already tell I'll be wearing it once a week through October!

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