stripes and sneakers

sneakers and stripes2 sneakers and stripes4 sneakers and stripes3 sneakers and stripes1 sneakers and stripes5 sneakers and stripes6 sneakers and stripes7 dress: Old Navy (last summer, similar options below!) // shoes: New Balance (on sale!) // purse: old Forever 21

As soon as I decided on a pair of New Balance sneakers, I knew I wanted to try them out with this dress. It is, after all, my favorite dress to wear with sneakers. Wanna know a secret? We shot these photos at the same place as last summer, too! A different angle due to some construction, but it was just as warm, and I felt just as cool.

I can't remember the last time I blogged an outfit this simple. Only three clothing credits? Is that even an outfit? Most definitely. I was actually really excited to dig up this darker red purse from my collection (which hasn't been used in an embarrassingly long time). I learned my lesson after the last time I wore these sneaks that the red-orange (rorange, according to Sarah) of my Ann Taylor purse clashes with the more burgundy shade of my New Balances. The little big of gold hardware on the purse makes this feel even more like a look instead of just some clothes I put together, doesn't it?

For easy shopping of this easy outfit, I've linked some similar dresses, sneakers, and purses below! Though, chances are, you already have at least one of these pieces in your closet!

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