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graphic tee and midi skirt outfit ModCloth Aspiration Creation skirt and Swedish Hasbeen clogs Introvert Girl Gang tee from Luella unicorn style featuring ModCloth introvert girl gang9 introvert girl gang3 introvert girl gang10 pin game strong introvert girl gang5 introvert girl gang4
tee: Luella // skirt: ModCloth // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens c/o Shopbop // purse: Old Navy (love this one) // pins: Tiny Deer Studio (swan), Ann Shen (typewriter), Little Arrow (glasses)

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

As a blogger and podcaster, some of my best friendships formed online. I can't help but feel connected to my fellow Internet-producers, partially because we've dedicated so much of our time to creating content that lives on the World Wide Web, but also because of the way this space has brought us together. I can confidently say that I would have never met half of my favorite people if it weren't for the Internet. While it's true that we may not have met because we live in different places, I also think it's true that a lot of us wouldn't have met because we avoid meeting people

The older I get, the more and more introverted I've become. I'm not especially shy, but I find in-person interactions to be draining. I certainly love hanging out with my friends over brunch or doing things around our city, but I truly try to avoid situations where I'll have to introduce myself to a bunch of people and make small talk. These online spaces have helped me skip the small talk and form friendships that, when taken offline, are already substantial enough to feel safe and comforting instead of scary and taxing. Not everyone with an Internet presence is introverted, but I do think a lot more of us are realizing we have this in common than we thought.

When I found this tee in fellow-Austin babe Caroline's shop, Luella, I bought it immediately. It represents a few of my most favorite things: introvert pride, the power of sisterhood, and supporting small + local businesses. How cool that all of us introverts are still able to find our tribe with the help of silly apps like Instagram and Twitter!

If you've got an online presence, I'm interested to know if you consider yourself an introvert! Am I crazy for thinking there's a connection here?

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