summer scout

colorful vintage button down and high waisted shorts styling a bandana: tie it around your neck with a colorful button down Swedish Hasbeens Debutante clogs, H&M high-waisted shorts, and vintage shirt tying a bandana around your neck for a cool summer outfit detail vintage blogger outfit for the heat of summer a bandana, a purse pompom, and clogs are the trifecta of cool girl accessories pink purse pompom from francesca's, black high-waisted shorts from H&M colorful vintage-inspired summer outfit getting dressed for summer should be fun! turn to vintage, quirky accessories, and a good pair of high-waisted shorts styling your vintage outfit with colorful and quirky accessories
shirt: vintage (similar) // shorts: H&M // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens c/o Shopbop // purse: Old Navy (similar) // pompom: francesca's // bandana: vintage // earrings: Kate Spade c/o Shopbop // rings: Moulton

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I'd like to think that if the girl gang wore scout uniforms, they would look something like this. I thrifted this vintage sleeveless button down two summers ago and I was so excited to re-discover it in my closet the other day! It's got exactly the colorful vibe of another time I've been drawn to all summer. Wearing it makes me miss thrifting, because you just don't find unique pieces like this in regular retail.

Though the top is a statement of its own, this outfit is kinda all about the accessories. A purse pompom, white clogs, and summer's hottest accessory -- the bandana -- might be the trifecta of adorable outfit details.

I've been thinking lately about the self-proclaimed style description I came up with last summer: playfully classic. Every time I put together an outfit, I check that the balance is there. Yeah, this outfit definitely leans pretty far playful, but at its core you've got a pair of high-waisted shorts and a collared button down shirt. In no uncertain terms, that's as classic as a summer uniform gets.

How do you ensure that your personal style shines through in the heat of summer?

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